Education and Training Program for Development of Aviation in Papua

For a nation, education is important to increase and secure the quality of its future generation. That’s why Indonesia is concerned about increasing the quality of education, especially in the corner regions, such as Papua in Indonesia. The government of Indonesia is making a lot of programs to improve the quality of education such as Indonesia Teaching Program, Literacy Program, Education and Training Program, Scholarships, and so on.

One of the Indonesian government’s programs is the Aviation Education and Training Program for the development of aviation in Papua. The Minister of Transportation through the Board of Human Resource Training funded special education program for 280 Papuan people to obtain aviation certificate. The Course Manager of Indonesian Aviation Academy, Herman Susanto, said that there are three areas that are the center of education for aviation in Papua, which are Jayapura City, Merauke, and Biak Numfor Regency.

It is expected that, if the people have the necessary skills for aviation in Papua they can start their career in the world of aviation, and even become skilled workers in airport. Moreover, the Ministry of Transportation is also giving them free facilities to support their education such as tie, hat, books, lesson modules, and also meals.
“The Ministry of Transportation is giving the chance, especially for the Papuan children, to become the participant of Aviation Education and Training Program. The government facilitates this Education and Training to help the Papuan people to become a skilled worker in aviation industry,” said Herman Susanto, cited from AntaraPapua.

In Biak Numfor Regency, there are 20 Papuan people who have become the participant of Education and Training Program of aviation Basic Security in Biak Numfor Regency. According to the Commander of Manuhua Air Base in Biak, Colonel Arief Widianto, the aviation security personnel must be licensed before they are given the duties and responsibilities in aviation security. The Papuan people who become the participant of this program are thankful and appreciative of the program.

“As a Papuan, I am thankful to the Ministry of Transportation and Air Force in Manuhua Biak Air Base that has given special airport security education,” said Jambres Womsiwor, as cited from AntaraPapua. Womsiwor also hopes that after finishing the program, he will obtain the license to be able to work in Frans Kaisiepo airport, Biak.

The Education and Training Program will increase the people’s skills of aviation in Papua. By the time this program is completed, it is hoped that there will be more Papuan people who can become aviation officers. By increasing the aviation skill of the Papuan people, the Ministry of Transportation hopes that they can create more employment for the Papuan people in the aviation sector.


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