Digi Village: The Newly Found Land in Papua

Papua is a vast land with plenty of uncharted land. Many of the area in Papua still have dense jungles, heard to reach islands, and mountains with steep cliffs.

Among the mysterious vastness of Papua, reside Digi village. This village was found in Pegunungan Bintang Regency but not listed in the regency administration.

Digi village was found by the Border Security Task Force of the Indonesian National Armed Forces in Indonesia – Papua New Guinea border. The village is inside the territory of Indonesia in the coordinate of 9732-2580.

Infantry Battalion Raider 700 Wira Yudha Cakti, the Border Security Task Force that has found Digi village found the village when they were patrolling the border along the Meridian Monument (MM) of 7.2 which is not far from the village.

The Task Force Commander, Lieutenant Horas Sitinjak explained that his team was on border patrol when they came across a village that has yet been touched by the government. They have informed the local government of Pegunungan Bintang Regency where the village is located.

Digi village is a 500 meter square village with six families. There are approximately 30 people who lives in Digi village, Papua. These families of pioneer settlers have populated Digi village since 30 years ago. They were lead by Terry Digibin who has become their chief village. Their live pretty traditional life.

Terry Digibin explained that initially, there are more or less 100 early settlers in the village. However, some have went to cross to papua New Guinea.

The village is located in an isolated area, around 50 kilometer from Iwur District, Papua. The distance between houses are around 10 to 20 meters away. They live in various kinds of houses, whether in huts or high houses on poles. The structure of the houses are made from Dab wood with sago leafs roofing.

The staple food of the Digi villagers are sago and sweet potatoes. Their main livelihood is hunting and keeping plantations. Most of the villagers can only speak Dumnye and Fiji. Indonesian language is still foreign for them, although the chief village can communicate with the team in broken Indonesian language.

Living in an isolated place with little access have made this village lacking in facilities which support their welfare such as health, education, information or basic goods. Their livelihood is only enough to support their day to day life. If there’s a sick villager, they will only use potions they make from the plants in their surrounding environment as medicine.

Now that their status as the citizen of Indonesia are clear, they are asking for the Government of Indonesia to come and help their livelihood and welfare. Hopefully, the lives of the Digi villagers will improve, now that they’ve been discovered.

digi village
The villagers and the National Armed Forces Border Security that have discovered Digi village via cendananews.com


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