Edo Kondologit, a Papuan Man with a Golden Voice

West Papua is a fascinating land with amazing natural resources and magnificent people. Many Papuan people have great talents in art. They have the combination of talent and high spirit in creating beautiful arts.  Many talented singers are born in Papua. One of the best singer from Papua is Ehud Edward Kondologit, or more famous as Edo Kondologit.

Edo Kondologit was born on 5 August 1967 in Klapot village in Sorong, Papua. He lived very closely with the wild natural environment such as swamps, jungles, mountains and rivers. When he met an Indonesian army retiree, he was asked to come with him to Jakarta to be trained as a professional runner. Unfortunately he failed and had to work as a construction worker and security for houses and cafes to gather money to go back to Papua.

He then started to sing in a cafe where he worked and started to try his luck in joining singing competitions. On 1992 he won a competition called Asian Bagus in Singapore and started his singing career since then. Now, although there are many Papuan newcomer singers, his golden voice is still unbeatable. His type of music is Jazz and most of his songs are a calling for peace. He is famous with his song with the title of “Aku Papua – I am Papua”.

edo kondologit

In 2008, he started his career in Politics in order to gain organizational experiences and to communicate with people. He wants to bridge the Papuan people with the Government. He is also a social justice warrior for pluralism.

He has great concerns for natural conservation. When he was still living in Sorong, Papua, he said that he lived very close to wild nature and he often jumped from the cliffs where crocodiles were watching from a distant. He also thinks that Papuan people are closely related with the nature because they still have very high respect to nature. They protect the nature like a mother. He also educates his children to respect nature by educating then to make fertilizers from food leftovers and reduce plastic use.

As cited from kapanlagi.com he said, “Conservation is important! We live in the same earth, and the earth will not grow bigger. However, people are always growing, with good health, less mortality rate and increasing number of birth. Meaning, we should protect this world which is getting denser with human, so we still can live comfortably. It is impossible without conservation. Here (on earth) we have the nature, trees, plants, and animals. We are united in one world, but it’s getting more crowded with people. Therefore, I think conservation is very important”.

This humble Papuan singer is one of the Papuan singers with a golden voice that can advances Papua forward. Besides Edo Kondologit, there are many Papuan artists that have the talent in music and also have concerns in preserving the Papuan arts and cultures.


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