Erasing Illiteracy in Lanny Jaya and Improving Education in Papua

The Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy is now planning to erase illiteracy in Lanny Jaya Regency, Papua Province. He has also given the local government 3,183 billion IDR of funding to implement the plan. During his visit in Papua, He also said that he really appreciates the participation of the people in developing education in Papua.

During my visit, I saw that the people in Papua, especially in Lanny Jaya, are very passionate to improve themselves,” said the Mendikbud during his interview with Antara in Jayapura, Sunday. (9/10)

He said that his visit to Papua is not only for giving funds to erase illiteracy, but also to inaugurate Indonesia Reading Movement (GIM) in Lanny Jaya Regency.

Education in Papua
Papua elementary student. Via

With a total area of 6.448 kilometer square, or equivalent to 2,02 percent of the area in Papua Province, Lanny Jaya dedicates 40 percent of its budget Revenue and Expenditure (APBD) to the education sector. The local and central government are giving attention on the development of education in Lenny Jaya. Hence, big budget is allocated for the education sector.

Effendy also added that this literacy movement will start its program from early childhood education programs (PAUD), and also stated that the local government will give a bonus to every elementary teachers who succeed in teaching arithmetic and have 100 percent literacy in their class.

Director of Literacy and Equality on Education, Erman Syamsudin also said that the literacy movement is on going nationally and the effects can already be seen. The number of children who drops out from school is decreasing and their interest in reading are increasing. Education in Papua definitely could reap some benefits from this program.

The Government of Indonesia is indeed in full speed in developing education in Papua. Currently there are a number of developments in Papua to improve the level of education. Currently, the Ministry of Education is planning to build dormitories for students and teachers in order to give them better access to attend school, as distance and access to school is some of the primary problems for education in Papua.

According to the report from UNESCO in 2015, in 2014, the percentage of literacy of the people at the age of 25-64 in Indonesia is 95.97% and has increased to 96.11% in 2015. The Indonesian governmentS puts special concern on the education of its people, especially in erasing illiteracy.  If we look at the statistics, illiteracy in Indonesia has been continuously decreasing and the goal of the Indonesian government under Jokowi administration is to reach 100 percent literacy. That is why, the government is now making a program to erase illiteracy in Indonesia, especially in remote places. By developing good education for the children, the government wants to secure the development of its future leader.


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