Erasing Illiteracy in Papua to Improve Human Resources

Education is important for the future development in the region. By improving the education access and system, it will ensure the quality of the future generations. In the past, the development of Papua is left behind and sometimes stagnant. One of the reason is because the education access is challenging. Therefore, illiteracy in Papua is high. Currently, the government is trying to changes it for it better.

In the recent years, Papua is the main focus of the Indonesian government. Papua has become the subject of rapid development and improvement programs. However, to ensure the continuity of development in Papua, the government will also have to ensure the education access. Therefore, through the Ministry of Education they are now executing the plan to improve the quality and education in Papua, One of them is by erasing illiteracy in Papua. In the recent years, erasing illiteracy in Papua is the main focus of the Ministry of Education. The Minister, Muhadjir Effendy himself even went to Papua in October 2016, to see the implementation of the programs. 

The Indonesian National Armed Forces teaching the people in Papua to read and write via

Illiteracy Eradication Program of 2017

The Department of Education in Mimika Regency is committed to continue the program of erasing illiteracy in Papua in 2017. They will continue this programs in six districts in Mimika. The program of erasing illiteracy in Papua in Mimika on last 2016, has already succeeded in helping 60 Papuan people that have joined in the program.

“In the first stage on 2016, this program has been launched in 12 district. While the other six are still not included. So this year, we will continue this program and will include the remaining six districts.” said the Chief of Department of Education in Mimika Regency, Armin Wakerkwa, as cited from AntaraPapua.

Erasing illiteracy in Papua is a priority for the Department of Education. This is due to the fact that currently, there are still many Papuan people who can’t read, write, nor count. The number is especially higher in remote places. Erasing illiteracy in Papua will increase the quality of human resources in Papua. By educating the people of Papua to read, write and count, the quality of human resources in Papua will improve. The illiteracy in Papua can mostly be found in remote and isolated places. Hence, the Department of Education focuses their resources to remote villages in the districts of Papua.

Through the Department of Education, even the remotest places in Papua will be educated to learn how to read, write, and count. It is hoped that the continuation of this program will improve the human resources in Papua.


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