Family Development Sessions in Papua

The Ministry of Social Affairs has allocated 96 million IDR as additional funds for Family Development Sessions in Papua. Family Development Sessions itself is a program for underprivileged families to get better access in medical and education services. In addition, Family Development Sessions will also support the rights for underprivileged families to get their rights for good nutrition and access to food.

The additional funds for Papua is around 15 billion IDR per year, and the funds will be allocated four times. That means, more or less around 50 billion IDR will be allocated for Papua province and 46 billion IDR for West Papua province. The funds also includes budget for the disabled and elderly. The total budget that will be added is around 96 billon IDR,” said the President Director of Social Protection and Security of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Raden Harry Hikmat, cited from netralnews.

Family Development Sessions in Papua
President Jokowi during Family Development Sessions event in Manokwari, Papua via

“The Ministry of Social Affairs is determined that in any circumstances, Papua will have Family Development Sessions, because it can help the local government to fix the education system and health services. Also, social welfare can be accessed by underprivileged families, including solutions for other family development issues, and the availability of assistance,” said Hikmat, cited from antarapapua.

By giving better access to education in Papua, it is hoped that, Family Development Sessions in Papua will decrease the number of children who dropped out of school due to the inability to cover the cost of their education or no accessible school near their house. The Ministry of Social Affairs also hope that the funds for Family Development Sessions in Papua can help the local government in providing all the basic infrastructures for the underprivileged people in the regency/city.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Affairs will also recruit assistance facilitator for Family Development Sessions in Papua that will be placed in all of the districts in Papua. They will also select people that meets the criteria of Family Development Sessions, such as pregnant women, students (elementary, junior, high school), people with disability, and the elderly. The availability of a facilitator is also an important factor in Family Development Sessions, because they will supervise the family’s commitment for their children’s education, motivated with their own will.

Currently, there are only in 34 regencies in Papua, 21 of them still don’t have any facilitator. Hence, the Ministry of Social Affairs will recruit more facilitators by opening the second wave of facilitator recruitment for Family Development Sessions in Papua.

Better education access in Papua is very important in securing the future of our youths. The children who live in villages and remote areas also have the right to get equal education access like children who live in the central areas. Therefore, the government tries to provide better education access for people who live in villages and remote places. One of the measures is by illiteracy eradication program in Papua, created by the Ministry of Education and Culture. By erasing illiteracy in Papua, the government hopes to increase the Human Development Index and also to develop better future leaders for Indonesia.


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