Fly Away With Our Papuan Pilots

It was a proud day indeed for West Papua and Papua provinces of Indonesia. In 28th April of 2016, eleven of their sons and daughters have completed the hard and challenging pilot education.  This pilot inauguration has marked the history for West Papua, Papua and Indonesia. For the first time, we have Papua and West Papua born pilots. With enough flight hours of 170 hours at the minimum, they have qualified to be licensed Commercial Pilot.

Fly Away With Our Papuan Pilots. Via

The training took place in Balai Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Penerbangan (BPPP) or Flight School of Banyuwangi Quirina Mintje in Jakarta. These bright young people are the 4th batch of BPPP Banyuwangi. They’ve completed their training in 2 years. However, they have started to fly after one year of their training.

This achievement is possible because of the development acceleration program for Papua and West Papua provinces. The government of Indonesia is serious about the development and welfare of Papua and West Papua provinces. Hence, it is simultaneously done in all aspects, including the human resources. The Ministry of Transportation through Department of Human Resources Development also takes part in the acceleration development program for Papua and West Papua. The eleven new pilots from Papua and West Papua are the shining examples.

The development of Papua and West Papua provinces had become the focus of the Indonesia government. In 2011, President Jokowi initiated Unit Percepatan Pembangunan Provinsi Papua dan Provinsi Papua Barat (UP4B) or Development Acceleration Unit of Papua and West Papua Provinces. It is a government agency, built to support the coordination, facilitate, and control the acceleration of Papua and West Papua’s development. UP4B was established with presidential Regulation Number 66 of 2011 and located in the capital city of Papua. In 2014, UP4B was integrated under the Vice President in order to further strengthen the developments in Papua.

These promising young pilots are the pride and joy of Indonesia. Hopefully, they can be the beacon of brighter future for Papua and West Papua provinces. Lets fly with our Papuan pilots!


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