Food Security in Papua During Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year are coming and the magical time of the year is approaching. These times will be filled with family moments, laughter, joy and love. Holy time will bring a ray of light and new hope in every homes. These time of the year people are having celebration with family reunion and holiday. Therefore, securing the goods are important in order to secure a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. In Papua, the local government already secure goods availability for Christmas and New Year’s celebration.

The Department of Livestock and Animal Health in Papua has already secured the supply of meat and egg for 2016 Christmas and 2017 New Year’s in Papua. Hence, the Papuan people may rest assure that the meat and egg supply in Papua is sufficient for those upcoming events.

“Especially for pork supply that will be used in ‘bakar batu‘ celebration (traditional communal cooking and feast celebration using fire and stones) during the campaign in 11 regencies/cities in Papua have also been secured,” said the Head of Department of Livestock and Animal Health in Papua Peter Pasereng, cited from AntaraPapua.

In addition, rice supply until the end of 2016 is also secured to fulfill the demands in Papua and West Papua Provinces. The distribution problems for mountainous places have already been solved, hence the people who live in the mountainous area of Papua should also be at ease. Currently, the rice supply that they have is around 12,000 ton, so it is very sufficient until the end of the year.

“The supply for food security in Papua in general, especially in Jayapura, is very secure for the next 3.5 months. Regionally, our supply is sufficient until the end of this year,” said the Head of Operations and Public Services Regional Division of Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (Bulog) in Papua, Ibrahim Wairoy, cited from AntaraPapua.

During Christmas and New Year, there will be traffic increase of people that are travelling for vacation. Therefore, transportation services must anticipate the increase in passenger volume. PT ASDP Ferry Indonesia of Biak Branch has already anticipate the increasing passenger by adding the schedule of ships for Biak-Numfor Island and Biak-Manokwari destinations. To meet the transportation demand during Christmas and New Year, they will also utilize three back-up ships, which are KM Maserey, KM Kasuari Papua, and KM Napan.

The government wants to bring nice holiday and celebration experiences for the people in Papua during Christmas and New Year. Therefore, food supply and transportation will be ensured so the Papuan people can have a nice holiday celebration.


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