Fuel Task Force for the Supervision of Fuel Price in Papua

Presiden Jokowi has already announced that Fuel Price in every corners of Indonesia should be the same, including Papua. That is why, Pertamina has been trying their best in ensuring that the fuel price in Papua is the same as every places in Indonesia. Their solution is to subsidize fuel transportation cost and also establish more Fuel and Diesel Distributor (APMS) agent in Papua.

With that solution, Pertamina will ensure monitored fuel price sold by Pertamina agents such as APMS. However, in order to ensure the retail fuel price in Papua, supervision is needed. Therefore, the Regional Police in Papua is now creating a special Task Force to supervise the fuel price in Papua in order to realize the One Fuel Price program. On 26 November 2016, the Head of Regional Police in Papua, Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw inaugurated 50 members of special Task Force for the supervision of One Fuel Price program in Papua.

fuel price in Papua
a man is refueling his motorcycle in Pertamina APMS

“This Task Force will visit every regencies to check the distribution of fuel and price in that area to prevent fuel hoarding. If there is a retailer who sells fuel above the government price, legal actions will be made,” said Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw, cited from detik.

The Task Force will supervise the distribution of fuel from Pertamina depot until the regency becomes the destination of the fuel itself. They will pay more attention to areas which previously sell fuel price up to 50,000 IDR – 100,000 IDR per liter. They will also supervise every APMS and also patrol mountainous and coastal areas in Papua to maintain the fuel price.

“They will use a special vest when doing their job,” said Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw, cited from kompas.

This decision is appreciated by Pertamina, because it will help them to monitor the fuel price in Papua. They hope that this Task Force are going to help them in supervising the fuel price, so that every Papuan people will feel the benefit of One Price Fuel program.

“Pertamina Jayapura fully supports the establishment of One Price Fuel Task Force formed by the Regional Police in Papua,” said the General Manager of Pertamina MOR VIII Jayapura Eldy Hendri, cited from AntaraPapua.

The people of Papua will not need to be worried again about the fuel price gap. The formation of Fuel Task Force by the government is to ensure the One Fuel Price program.


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