The Giant Banana from Papua

Many of us probably loves banana. Not only does it have a distinguish taste, it also have health benefits and good for our body. But wait, have you ever eaten a banana that weighs around 30 kg? You probably think i’m just joking around. The truth is, I am not even kidding. There are actually bananas that weighs around 30 kg to 60 kg. This giant banana is from Papua, and it usually grows in the forest around Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The giant banana from Papua has been acknowledged as the biggest banana species in the world.

Papua Giant Tree
Jeff Daniells is the founder of Musa Ingens. Via

According to history, the giant banana from Papua was first discovered by Jeff Daniells in 1989. At that time, he was visiting Papua New Guinea for an expedition that was funded by the International Board of Plant Genetic Resources. He explains that the giant banana from Papua can only be found in the high lands and mountainous area.

Papua giant banana
Papua giant banana or Musa Ingens is a rare species of banana from Papua. Via

The giant banana from Papua or Musa Ingens, is a rare banana species that only grows on the high lands. This rare species can only grow in the altitude of  1.000 meters to 2.100 meters above the sea level. The tree of the giant banana from Papua is very big and can grow up to 25 meter with around 2 meter in diameter. The length of the stem leaves itself can reach around 5 meter with the width around 1.60 meter.

Differ from other banana variants that can be found around us, the giant banana from Papua usually can only be found in the wilderness. Up to now, this banana species is still hard to be cultivated. This banana species needs a very long time to bear fruit. Hence, the fruit is rare and hard to find. However, the rareness makes this fruit become one of the most sought after fruit by the banana lovers.

Due to the rareness, many people still doesn’t know about the existence of this fruit. Therefore, when the photo was uploaded to the internet, this fruit became viral and turned into an internet sensation.

The giant banana from Papua is one of the examples of the uniqueness of Papua. Not only that it has a beautiful culture, Papua also have beautiful nature with unique flora and fauna.


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