Government: We Are Developing Many Roads to Papua

Many roads can lead to Papua, yet some are not exactly favorable. The beautiful but challenging nature of West Papua plus the much needed infrastructure development make the needs for roads to Papua become more amplified. Accessibility is key for this land with so many potentials and unchartered lands.

One of the biggest contributors to the success of the Roman Empire is their rapid construction of roads in all of their land. This is one of the reasons why Trans-Papua would give tremendous benefit. Accessibility is indeed one of the biggest factors in the success of development. This is especially elevated in challenging natural environment such as Papua. Big steps are needed to overcome these challenges and the mega project of Trans Papua is the way to go.

Trans Papua Road Route. Via

The construction of Trans Papua has shown tremendous progress. The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) stated that the construction of Trans Papua network has been 85 percent completed. Out of the 4,325 km total span of Trans Papua, as much as 3,667 have been connected. This is thanks to the work of the Ministry of PUPR for opening 169 km of new routes during the 2015 with only 658 km more to go. Expert staff of the Ministry of PUPR, Integral Development Department, Danis Sumadilaga stated that the construction of Trans Papua road would reach Mulia Mountains.

In order to complete this project, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) will need 6.5 Trillion IDR. This is with the calculation of 10 Billion IDR for each 1 km of railway. The target is to finish Trans Papua in 2018.

Besides the development of roads and sea highway, GoI will also develop air transportation for logistical means. These airplanes will routinely operate through the West Papua remote areas. The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Rizal Ramli conveyed that the project will act as an air bridge.

The infrastructure model refers to the logistic transportation of the Hercules airplane of Indonesian Air Force that can reach remote areas. This step is the continuity of sea highway. The project will also be subsidized to push the price of tariff and commodity.



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