Healthy Indonesia Program Helps Better Health Access for the Papuan People

The Indonesian government is committed to provide better health access for every citizens in every corners of the country, especially those who live in Papua. Those places are in the corners of Indonesia and they also need good health access just like the people who live in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and so on. Therefore, the government creates the Healthy Indonesia program (Program Nusantara Sehat) to help the citizens to get health access.

Healthy Indonesia program is a program that assigns medical staffs in every corners of Indonesia. The team of selected medical personnel will be assigned with the mission to increase the health of people. One of the main focus area of Healthy Indonesia program is Papua.

Healthy Indonesia program
Thirty four young medical personnel from the Healthy Indonesia Team in Papua via

According to the Chief of Medical Service in Papua Province drg ALoysius Giyai, MKes, the arrival of Healthy Indonesia team is warmly welcomed by the Papuan people, because the number of medical staffs in Papua is still insufficient. Therefore, the team will be assigned to help the Papuan people who live in places that still doesn’t have adequate health access.  They will be placed in Community Health Centers in Papua to reach the Papuan people who need medical services.

“For me this is a significant progress. Every religion teaches us to help the weak, the less privileged, and the sick. This is a mandate from god to help our brothers and sister,” said drg Aloysius Giyai. “Our hope is, after the team finished their job, there will be a good change. Even though it is a small change but it would be meaningful to the people who live in remote places,” he added, cited from detik.

One of the Community Health Center that will be assigned with Healthy Indonesia Team is Wakia Community Health Center, West Central Mimika District, Mimika Regency.

“I am thankful for the presence of our friends from Healthy Indonesia program. They can help the staffs that are working in Wakia Community Health Center,” said the Chief of Wakia Community Health Center, Witsel Willem Robaha, as cited from AntaraPapua.

The Wakia Community Health Center have a couple of obstacles in terms of the lack of medical experts availability such as doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, and environmental health personnel. The Healthy Indonesia team will help Wakia Community Health Center in fulfilling the lack of those available experts.

Healthy Indonesia program is not the only health program for the people in Papua. There are also other programs such as the Papua Health Card, Leprosy eradication, free cataract surgery, and so on. Those programs are created in order to have better health access and welfare for the people in Papua. 


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