The New Referral Hospital for Better Health Access in Papua

In the past, there are only a few hospitals in Papua. Therefore, the government have made the efforts to increase the number of hospitals in Papua. It is hoped that by building more hospitals in Papua, they can also reduce and, hopefully, eradicate health problems in Papua. By building more hospitals in Papua, increased health access is also expected. Hence, the Papuan people can easily access medical services and facilities.

Hospitals in Papua
First milestone on the building of B class hospital in Merauke. Via

The local government in Merauke and the Ministry of Health are now building a B class hospital in Merauke. The development is being started symbolized with the placing of the first milestone on 18 October 2016. The funds being allocated for this hospital is around 2.452 billion IDR. According to the Ministry of Health, this shows their commitment in reducing health problems in Indonesia and especially Papua.

“This class B hospital will become a Regional Hospital for the South Papua region and it will be the referral hospital for Mappi Regency, Asmat Regency, and Boven Digoel Regency,” said the Head of Division in Health Development Human Resources, the Ministry of Health, Sidin Haryanto, cited from mitrapol.

To improve the hospital into a referral hospital for South Papua, the local government in Merauke allocates around 25 billion IDR to become a class B hospital. The construction of the hospital itself needs around 60 billion IDR, Therefore, the local government promises that they will allocate more funds. That hospital will be the first class B hospital in Merauke and also in South Papua.

According to the Head of Medical Officer in Merauke, Stefanus Osok, he will supervise the hospital development himself, to make sure that it will be completed according to plan.

This is not the first time that the local government in Papua and the Ministry of Health have developed a class B hospital to ensure the improvement of health access in Papua. Not only that they build more hospitals in Papua, but also make improvements to turn a class C hospital into a class B hospital. Therefore, they steps to increase the number of referral hospital in Papua is ensured. One of the example is Mimika General Hospital. In order to do that, the local government and the Ministry of Health have increased the number of medical staffs, specialist doctors, and also the facilities, to turn that hospital from a class C hospital into a class B hospital.

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