Hundreds of Medical Staffs for Papua

The Health Department of Mimika Regency have another breakthrough regarding the provision of medical staffs for Papua. In the near future, they will provide hundreds of medical staffs for Papua. The recruitment carried out by the Health Department of Mimika to support the success of the 2017 program of Mimika Sehat (healthy Mimika).  It is a health program with a holistic approach starting from the level of Community Health Service (Puskesmas) and Supporting Puskesmas, up to the health service of city level.

According to the Secretary of the Health Department of Mimika, Mimika Reynol Ubra, as much as 303 medical staffs for seven types of medical services will be assigned to Mimika. This action is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health Number 75. The health Department of Mimika has been given the mandate to follow through the Special Autonomy program with a unique but fitting name called Satuan Tugas Kesehatan Kaki Telanjang (the Barefooted Task Force).

medical staffs for papua
Community Health Center in Mimika, papua via


The task force was formed by the Health Department of Papua Province to specifically provides better health service in Papua. The Head of Health Department of Papua Province, drg. Aloysius Giyai explained that the health service pattern in Papua will be improved by implementing mobile clinic, integrated water health service, and the task force it self. The idea is to integrate the health service from the Community Health Service and outpatient service. The Health Department of Papua Province will carry out house to house health service “intervention”. The pilot project of this program will be funded from the provincial regional Budget (APBD) to be conducted in nine regencies in central mountain.

These water based health care clinics in Mimika it self has been proven important for health access in some areas, especially in the coastal area of Mimika. Many of the districts and villages in Mimika regency can only be reached by water. So far, this floating health care clinic in Mimika have been directly involved in the health care service of the inhabitants in the coastal area of Mimika, from Mimika Timur Jauh district to Amar district.

The staffs consist of medical doctors, pharmacists, health analysts, midwives, nurses, sanitation officers, and health officers. These staffs will be assigned in 13 Community Health Centers in Mimika Regency. The decision is made after analyzing the workload affected by the ratio of health workers and the general population, including the aspect of geography.

The Health Department of Mimika would also recruit Medical Doctors. Currently, there are only 26 medical doctors who are working for the Health Department of Mimika. Furthermore, the number of medical doctors outside of the hospital is only 20 doctors, while the demand for medical doctor until 2025 reached 90 doctors. The existing medical doctors in Mimika are currently positioned in two or three different assignments, hence the workload is pretty big.


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