Jokowi on Human Rights in Papua

In the recent years, the issues of human rights in Papua spark again in the international community. Some parties blame the Indonesian Government for doing nothing about it. But the truth is, Indonesian Government under the leadership of President Joko Widodo is very committed to resolve this problem. Jokowi on human rights in Papua is actually at the heart of his concerns and care.

Jokowi on Human Rights in Papua
Papuan people are joyfully trying to shaking hand with President Jokowi. Via

According to Deputy of Presidential Staff Jaleswari Pramodharwardani, Mr. President always try to discuss about the human rights issues in Papua with his staff. Jaleswari also has discussions with Jokowi on human rights in Papua, as quoted by Antara.

“Solving human rights issues in Papua will lean on the leadership, and we have a President that is aware with issues of Papua. The public rarely knows that Jokowi has always and will never stop to discuss this issue,” said Jaleswari in Birmingham, England, when attending a discussion with Indonesian Students Association (PPI), cited from Antara, Monday. (3/10)

In December 2015, when President Jokowi visited Papua, he had a meeting with religious leaders to talk about his trip to Papua. He wants to see for himself about the condition of people in Papua. According to Jaleswari, at that time, he was discussing about releasing the Papuan political prisoners and would immediately call the Military Commander, the Chief of National Police, and the Minister of Coordination of Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Indonesia.

However, the public rarely knows about this because the mainstream media rarely shows about the progress of human rights problem solving in Papua. The public should know that President Jokowi is concerned and has always been trying to resolve it. Indeed, President Jokowi is a big leap from his predecessors, especially when dealing with Papua.

President Jokowi on human rights in Papua is never far. It is shown from his actions in developing the region.  He is now developing the Trans Papua Road with the total distance of 4,325 km. In the future, he also plans the construction of Trans Papua Railway, with a total distance of 595 km that would span from Sorong to Manokwari. He also wants to send 24 professors to Papua, in order to help the development, education, and technology in Papua.

Slowly but sure, President Jokowi will change the situation and solve the human rights issues in Papua. Through his actions and plans, hopefully the land of the rising sun will have great news abroad.

“I already talk to Minister of Coordination of Political, Legal and Security Affairs of Indonesia (Wiranto) about the process of solving human rights issues in Papua. I think the public should know that we are always continuing this effort, but in the media this problem is not highlighted for public consumption,” said Jaleswari.


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