Jokowi’s Golden Touch In Papua

President Jokowi has brought fresh air to Papua because of his empathy and amazing solidarity to the Papuan people. During his three days visit to Papua in 27-29 December 2014, it can be seen that he can feel their concerns. In that visit, he attended the national Christmas celebration held in Jayapura, Papua where he met various parties from Sentani, Wamena, Sorong, and Biak. In front of thousands of people who attended the event, President Jokowi said ” I can see, not only that the people of Papua need health care, education access, developments of roads, bridges, and port, but they also want to be heard, and to have a discussion with. That, is my personal starting point in resolving issues in Papua“.

President Jokowi shake hand with Papuan people during his visit to Papua. Via

President Jokowi stepped up as the hope of the people of Papua. His visit brought hope, energy and new strength, to enliven the imagination and creativity of the people of Papua in establishing peace, through heart to heart dialogue. This is an asset in resolving various problems and creating peace in Papua.

The developments has begun, and one of the major developments is the Trans Papua Road with the total distance of 4,325 km. Some of the routes are Merauke-Tanah Merah-Waropko (534 km), Waropko-Oksibil (136 km), Dekai-Oksibil (225 km). Kenyam-Dekai (180 km), Wamena-Habema-Kenyam-Mamug (295 km), Wamena-Elelim-Jayapura (585 km), Wamena-Mulia-Ilaga-Enarotali (466 km), Wagete-Timika (196 km with 172 km already connected), Enarotali-Wagete-Nabire (285 km), Nabire-Windesi-Manokwari (827 km), Manokwari-Kambuaya-Sorong (596 km).

In the future, we would also be wowed by the Papua Railway development. It would show that the government of Indonesia, under the command of President Jokowi, is serious in developing eastern Indonesia, especially Papua. Not only that, the Papua Railway, with the total distance of 595 km extending from Sorong to Jayapura, would be the pioneer train in Papua. The sufficiency analysis of Trans Papua from Sorong to Manokwari had started since 2015, while this year (2016), design details and Environmental Impact Analysis is planned to be conducted. The next year, in 2017, land acquisition would be started. Hence, in 2018 or 2019, it is planned to be completed. While the second route of Samri to Jayapura, would be started simultaneously in 2020.

Currently, developments after developments are being done in Papua. Schools, markets, airports and ports are being seriously developed. Some are even already completed. This is the golden touch of Jokowi in the land of Papua who always put the people’s need as his priority. This is indeed a good improvement for the land of Cendrawasih.


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