Lukas Enembe: I Never Give Any Statement About Jakarta’s Governor Election

Currently, the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, had to deal with yet another false rumor. In 12 October of 2016, a meme about Lukas Enembe was posted in facebook and becomes viral. So far, it has been shared for over 7,313 times.

Jakarta’s Election has always been a hot spot for meme wars and crazy campaigns. This 2016 election is no different. Various polemics have started the election and has recently spiked due to the issue of Jakarta’s non-Muslim Governor candidate related to Al Maidah verse 51. It is not surprising since non-Muslim issues have resulted in so many political strategies based on SARA (discrimination of Sub-race, Culture, Race and Religion). This issue apparently has inspired the netizens to make a meme, complete with a statement being dubbed as the statement from the Governor of Papua.

Lukas Enembe
Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe via

In that post, we can see the picture of Lukas Enembe speaking in a public forum and there’s a description, typical of a Facebook meme, that makes it seems like a correct citation from Lukas him self. The description says:

“If Non-Muslim can’t be the Governor of Jakarta or the President of Indonesia, then let Melanesian Papua be Free.” 

He criticizes current politicians who sell religious verses for power. “They consume the riches of Indonesia, the riches that are not from ARAB or Middle Eastern. Let them ask Middle Eastern to pay off our country’s debts, although all they (the Middle Easterns) do is messing around with civil war. Maybe Indonesia wants to follow Middle Eastern.” #Idiot   

This is not the first time that Governor Lukas Enembe has to deal with hoax and false news. Previously he had to deal with a viral hoax of head change between Lukas Enembe, the governor of Papua Province of Indonesia, and Armando Guebuza, the president of Mozambique. 

Lukas Enembe has issued a clarification in his website to clear the water in this social media debacle. In his website he strongly stated that he never said anything resembling the rumors.

“I need to clarify this to all of the Indonesian people, especially to the people in Jakarta and Papua. I have never given any statement regarding Jakarta’s Governor Election, moreover about anything related to the wish of the Papuan people to be Free if Governor Ahok is not permitted to be elected.”

“I have stated many times that the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is the final answer for us in Papua, hence, don’t try to ruin the order that we have built in our land. We do not want separatism, now we just want to focus on how to make the people who live in this land prosperous.”

“I don’t have time to deal with other Provinces, moreover Jakarta, which of course has their own problems with very different characteristics from Papua. I can only focus on how to build a better West Papua. Therefore, I will not stop the fight to create changes over the Law Number 21 of 2001, because the key of the welfare of the people in West Papua is by amending that law.”


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