Lukas Enembe on ULMWP: None of Our Concern

Lukas Enembe has time and time again receives difficult situation during his administration as the Governor of Papua. Yet Lukas enembe stays solid upon the thrust of the wind of challenges and keep his promise to improve the lives of the people in Papua. This time is no different.

Lukas enembe on ULMWP
Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe

In 12 October of 2016, a meme about Lukas Enembe was posted in facebook and becomes viral. In that post, we can see the picture of Lukas Enembe speaking in a public forum and there’s a description, that makes it seems like a correct citation from Lukas him self. The meme spread false rumors of him saying that Papua should be separated from Indonesia. Fortunately Lukas is swift and quickly clarify the rumor.  

Lukas recently stated his opinion on ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) and Papua as a part of Indonesia.  These issues are brought up several times by some parties with interest.

Lukas enembe, instead emphasized the importance of taking care of the people in Papua instead of minding issues that should not be a part of his concerns, such as ULMWP. He reminded people that ULMWP is not the concern of his department, which is the local government of Papua. During his visit in the Presidential complex in jakarta on 20 October of 2016, he stated that it is not within his authority nor capacity to handle those issues.

ULMWP is indeed an organization whose activities are filled with campaigns and diplomacy in international forums, apart from the issues that are supposed to be managed by Lukas Enembe as the Governor of Papua. It is obviously not to be the priority of the governance of Papua.

His priority, along with the agency which he lead, is to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. Which is included in his capacity and responsibilities. He also said that he can’t waste his energy to think about the people who have joined ULMWP when the Local Givernment of Papua should be managing other more important things.

He also stated that Papua is a part of Indonesia and no Papuan people have any intention to demand independence or being separated from Indonesia. Papua is already free because Indonesia is a free country, and Papua is Indonesia.

Lukas Enembe also reminded everyone the importance of giving more attention to the Papuan people. happy citizens are those who are being treated fairly. He gave an example of a fair treatment where fuel oil price in papua is now the same with the rest of Indonesia. This is how we should all takes care of Papua and make the people feel more and more a part of Indonesia.


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