New Airplane for Lower Prices in Puncak Papua

Hurray! More good news from Papua. recently, Puncak District has owned an airplane. The steel bird was bought directly by the District Government from the United States. The airplane arrived in Ilaga Airport, Puncak District, Papua, Thursday (15/9/2016) around 10.00 AM of Eastern Indonesian Time.

Puncak Papua airplane
DHC-4T Turbo Caribou. Via

Several government officials attended the occasion, such as the Head of Puncak District, Willem Wandik and Vice Head District, Refinus Telenggen. The representative of Ministry of Transportation were also present, represented by its special staff, Buyung Lalana, on behalf of the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi who couldn’t come. Buyung also officiated the arrival of the airplane.

The joy was also felt by the local people. Together with the government officials, they prayed, encircling the airplane. They also celebrated with a traditional dance as a sign of gratitude.

Suppressing Logistics Costs

Compared to other areas in Papua, Puncak District is one of the most isolated areas. This fact is due to its hilly location which is hard to reach. Air transportation becomes the only way to transport staple food and other goods that the people of Puncak District need. That method of transportation is not without problem. The airplane they rented wass very expensive, even for one trip. All of these factors have spiked the prices of goods in Puncak District.

To suppress the significant price gap, Head of Puncak District, Willem Wandik, bought the airplane for non commercial use. Hence it can be put to use in helping to lower the expenditures of Puncak District people.

The same thing was also conveyed by Buyung. “The requirements and permits for Puncak Papua airplane have been met. We hope that it can support Puncak District’s requirements and necessities. hence, they can be freed from isolation due to the problematic access. Currently, the only access is air transportation. This airplane is devoted for logistical needs and will not be commercialized,” said Buyung as quoted from detikcom.

Technically, the activities of Puncak Papua airplane will be monitored by Ministry of Transportation through Executive Technical Unit of Timika and Jayapura in order for the airplane to be used massively and safely for transporting logistics for the people of Puncak District.

In addition, still quoted from detikcom, the Caribou airplane has a haulage of 4 tonnes. With that much of a capacity this airplane can bring a lot of goods from outside of Puncak District, such as heavy machinery for infrastructure developments. Due to the non commercial use of this airplane, Puncak District Government does not need to spend a lot of transportation cost which previously reached hundreds and even billions of Indonesian Rupiah, to rent pioneer airplane, which only have the capacity of 1,3 tonnes.

Puncak Papua airplane will bring a lot of conveniences for the local people and also a progress for Puncak District, papua. While waiting for the development of Trans Papua Road, which will give land access to Puncak District, this airplane will help the Local Government to save logistics expenses which previously used commercial airplanes and has depleted the Local Government Budget (APBD) of Papua.


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