The New Referral Hospital in Papua

Easy health access is important for everyone anywhere in the world. Without access to health facilities and medication, life would be difficult for anyone. The level of human well-being majorly depends on the health service available to someone. Hence, to improve the welfare and well being of people in Papua, the government is committed to solve health problems that are prominent in Papua. Therefore, currently, the government is building more health facilities in Papua. One of the solution is by developing more referral hospitals in Papua. There are already two referral hospitals in Papua right now, but the government still keeps the commitment to build more hospitals with good standard. Referral hospital in Papua is important because it will provide better medical services, hence, patients with grave illness can get better medication from a specialist doctor.

Regional Public Hospital of Mimika one of the referral hospital in Papua. via

The Referral Hospital in Mimika

The government has changed the status of General Hospital in Mimika as from a class C hospital to a class B hospital to be assigned as a referral hospital in Papua. The change requires many improvements in order to fit the referral hospital of a B class hospital. The General Hospital in Mimika has now increased the quality of its health services and the medical staffs. Currently, the Regional Public Hospital of Mimika has 430 staffs, including 17 specialist medical doctors, 20 general practitioners, and more than 200 nurses. These improvements are possible because the Ministry of Health and the local government have also increased the health facilities to enable the change from class C into a class B hospital.

The improvement of Mimika General Hospital to a class B hospital has made it adequate to be assigned as a referral hospital in Papua. Therefore, people who live in the Central Papua regions can have better health access and facilities. People with chronic diseases who live in Central Papua would also have a more comprehensive selections of specialist services.

Governor Lukas Enembe officiating the improved status of Biak Numfor General Hospital via

Referral Hospital in Biak Numfor

The people who live in Saereri Gulf can now enjoy more health benefits, because they now have a referral hospital. The Ministry of Health has changed the status of general hospital in Biak Numfor as a referral hospital for Saereri Gulf. As a B class hospital, the health facilities in the Regional Public Hospital of Biak Numfor Regency are top notch. Starting from the nurses, midwives, specialist doctors, and other health staffs.

The Ministry of Health also wants to improve the medical facilities in Biak Numfor general hospital. Currently, there are around 400-500 patients a day who can enjoy medical care in Biak Numfor general hospital. The government hopes that the general hospital can handle more patients with better medical care.

Hospitals in Papua
The Ministry of Health started the hospital development symbolized by the placement of the first milestone. Via

The Referral Hospital in Merauke

The Local government in Merauke and the Ministry of Health are currently building a B class hospital in Merauke. On 18 October of 2016, the Ministry of Health started the construction of the hospital symbolizes by placing the first milestone. The class B hospital will become a Regional Hospital for the South Papua region and it will be the referral hospital for Mappi Regency, Asmat Regency, and Boven Digoel Regency. With this hospital, it is hoped that people in South Papua region will have better access to health services and facilities.

The referral hospital in Papua will help people who live in remote places to get access to their health problems. Patients with grave illness can also get better medical services, because there are more specialist doctors.


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