Ban Ki-Moon: No Report about Papua Has Been Received by the UN

Separatist movements are always clouded with unclear information and false data (read also Papua Hoax). Recently in 25 of May 2016, The Pacific Islands News Association (PIANGO) claimed that they have submitted a documentation on the situation of Human Rights in Papua to Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. the report is said to have been entitled “We will lose everything”. The said human rights report of Papua turns out to be false.

human rights report of Papua
Ban Ki-Moon (left) during his meeting with Republic Indonesia President Joko Widodo (right). Via

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in June 2nd of 2016 has issued a written confirmation that the rumors about the report regarding Papua province of Indonesia, is false. The United Nations have confirmed that Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, has never received any report regarding Human Rights issues in Papua.

Stephane Dujarric, the spoke person of secretary General of the United Nations him self, has confirmed that no reports or documentation has ever been received by the Secretary General of the United Nations regarding human rights issues in Papua. In that daily press briefing, in Wednesday, June 1st 2016, UN Headquarter, USA, Stephane also said that the Secretary General has never had any meeting, nor has he make any meeting agenda with the representative of Papuan separatism group in an international forum in Turkey, several days prior to the daily press briefing.

This false information has now been debunked by the Indonesian Foreign Ministry. The human rights report of Papua was initially claimed to be submitted by the Executive Director of PIANGO her self, Emele Duituturaga during World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. This would be the umpteenth times that false information and rumors about Papua have been spread by separatist groups, groups that are anti development and anti government.

It is such a shame that in an international forum where sovereign nations have gathered in good will, some groups have tainted it. Public deception has indeed been an effective tool to create terror and for falsely informed opinion and the Indonesia government strongly rejects the intrusion on foreign parties in their domestic affairs, including the issues of Papua. Moreover the mishap of this human rights report of Papua in an international forum.

It was also emphasized by the Indonesian delegation in the 28th Post-Forum Dialogue (PFD) of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in Pohnpei, Micronesia Federation, 8-11 September 2016. Indonesia is firm on the notion that foreign countries should not meddle with the affairs of a sovereign state, much like the affairs of Papua. The report submission on human rights issues in Papua by several individuals and organizations are not well intended and embedded with political motivations. The allegations are of manipulative tendencies and not based on solid information.

Fortunately, the international community still respects the sanctity of country’s sovereignty. The leaders of PIF members have agreed that the issues of Papua are sensitive matters. The best solution would not be by intruding Indonesia’s domestic affairs but by building an open and constructive communication with Indonesia.

Indonesia is the third biggest democratic country in the world with strong commitment to human rights protection. With credible national mechanism to protect human rights, such as Indonesian Human Rights Committee, national laws from the ratification of international instruments regarding human rights, Indonesia is mature in its ability to manage human rights affairs in their own country. Papuan issues on human rights are also Indonesia’s human rights issues, as a nation, as whole unity, as a country.


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