The Three Offers of Ridwan Kamil to Papua

The name Ridwan Kamil is so well known in Indonesia for his integrity and visionary plans for his city, Bandung. The mayor of Bandung seems like a million miles away from Papua. Yet, the connection is real. So real that he has offered three things to the Bandung Alumni Association of Papua and West Papua Provinces in Timika.

Ridwan Kamil offers to Papua is hoped to support and accommodate the students from Papua who come to study in Bandung. The offers were conveyed during the meet and greet on 10 December 2016. The event was attended by not only Bandung alumni who were in Papua and West Papua, but also from other areas. The Vice Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal was also present to convey his appreciation.

First one of the three offers of Ridwan Kamil to Papua is his welcom to all students and undergraduates to study in Bandung. He explained that Bandung has 50 universities which can definitely accommodate the study of these students from Papua. Whenever there’s any problem which he can solve under the rules and regulations in power, he promised to help. Hence, they can inform him of the problems that might exist.

Offers of Ridwan Kamil to Papua


The offers of Ridwan Kamil to Papua also include creative economy knowledge sharing to the people of Papua who wants to come to Bandung. The knowledge can then be brought back to be implemented to Papua. For instance the bag that he’s carrying, with the drawings of his caricature. They people of Papua can make similar bag with drawings that are authentic of Papua, which they can then sell.

The third one is the applications that have been developed by the Local Government of Bandung that are free to be copied and utilized by the local government of Papua and West Papua. The applications are free. Ridwan Kamil only ask for a cooperation agreement or MoU between the two instances before using the applications. Currently, there is already one Local Governtment from Papua that has conducted cooperation using these applciations, which is the Local Government of Merauke.

The education in Papua indeed have some real challenges. Hence, it needs the support and cooperation from all entities in Indonesia to help solving these education challenges in the land of the rising sun, Papua. Hence, these three offers of Ridwan Kamil to Papua are indeed necessary and well appreciated.



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