Papua Arts and Culture Festival of 2016

This year Papua will once again hold the annual Papua Arts and Culture Festival. Biak Numfor is once again chosen to host the event after last year in 2015. The 17th Papua Arts and Culture Festival 2016 in Biak Numfor Regency will be held in 2-6. Many people anticipate this event with glee. It is after all, a celebration of Papuan arts and culture.

So far, there will be 18 regencies/cities that will participate in this event. The 18 regencies/cities are Tolikara, Kabupaten Puncak, Mimika, Asmat, Keerom, Sarmi, Jayapura, Supiori, Waropen, Nabire, Yapen, Deiyai, Paniai, Yakukimo, Bintang Mountains, Puncak Jaya and the host, Biak Numfor. According to the Project Officer, Mecky Kapitarauw, the number of participants will add up towards the D days.

The festival will be inaugurated by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, in Putra Angkasa Square, Manuhua Airbase. This festival will be the event for artists from each participating regencies/cities to perform and show various arts and cultures of origin in Papua.

Papua Arts and Culture Festival
Artists from participating regency/city about to perform via


This festival will be competing eight groups of arts and culture competitions. The competitions among others are Cenderawasih ballad dance, pop singer competition, folk theater, pop songs, exhibitions, cenderawasih bird paintings, cenderawasih bird imitation arts and crafts, and so on.

Each regencies/cities that participate can send their best artists to perform and compete. This is also an arena to share and encourage arts and culture development in Papua. The winner will be awarded the rotating trophy of Lukas Enembe, the Governor of Papua.

This festival is also a place to preserve the richness of original Papuan arts and culture. It is also a place where kinship between artists and cultural humanists in Papua can meet and greet, hence strengthen the camaraderie in the Papuan arts and culture world. This festival can also support tourism as domestic and foreign tourists can watch and enjoy the varied and abundant arts and culture of Papua in one spot.

Preserving the Papuan arts and culture is critical for the wholeness of our rich national heritage. Indonesia is a nation of the many faces and cultures, where pluralistic colors are the inevitable beauty. We as a nation pride ourselves as a nation with our very rich culture, it is only natural that we need to gather our love and appreciation to preserve it. Hence, this festival is a very good event to celebrate our cultural diversity.


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