Another Hoax about Papua’s Mosque Burned Down

Nowadays, there are many hoax on internet and people spread it easily without checking the accuracy of the news. Today, there is a hoax about the burning of a mosque / masjid in Papua in a blog, which is apocryphal and not credible as a news source. This article is written by someone named Nisa Aprilia and written on Tuesday 20 December 2016. The article contains of hoax that could ruin the stability in Papua.

In the article, she put a provoke title and a picture of a burned mosque / masjid that she mentioned in the article as Masjid Tolikara. Aside points of reflections, she also wrote some points that contains of hatred and racism that can provoke the targeted reader to do something, even to die in defending what they belief.


After checking to the credible source, the picture was taken from a news page where it’s reporting the event where Masjid Lasangkuru in Peneki village, South Sulawesi burned due to electricity error. This news was reported by Amnar Sengkang in on 6 April 2015, while the video uploaded by an amateur Elano Meylano to Youtube on 8 April 2015.

By checking and reading the accurate news from credible source, means this kind of article or hoax that written in a blog and spread by irresponsible people could lead to anarchy and threatening the stability of Papua and Indonesian in general.

We as reader and or information recipient should check the news to many credible sources and not spread it immediately after we finish reading it. We should condemn the hoax and do not let us be part of it. Let’s have media literacy now!

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