Papua, the Host of National Sports Week (PON) 2020

Sports, aside from being a competition in various fields and classes, can also become an event to develop the unity between groups. This is also one of the reasons why Papua has accepted the proposal to become the host for National Sports Week (PON) in 2020.

PON 2020
West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (left), as the Head of PB PON XIX is giving Lala-Lili mascot to Papua Governor Lukas Enember (center). Via

The governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe said, this event that would be hosted in his hometown will not have any political aspects, moreover conflict. “Sports (PON 2020) will unite Papua and Indonesia. Sports will become an important part, and that’s why we are confident to be the host,” said Lukas as cited from

What is the interesting part in having PON 2020 in Papua? Lukas Enembe has the answers.

The man who was born in Kembu, Tolikara, Papua, in 27 July 1967 said that PON XX/2020 will prove that Papua is not a second class province in Indonesia. With PON 2020, many developments for infrastructures will be implemented.

“To shake off all of those assumptions, PON XX is a great momentum for Indonesia to accelerate the developments in Papua and strengthen Indonesia as a whole,” said Lukas as cited by

With the exposure of this event, Papua would also get other benefits, such as increasing the number of domestic and foreign tourists in Papua. Practically, this would also improve Papuan economy.

“Moreover, we hope that creative economy can grow, tourism can improve and the movement of goods and services in Papua can increase,” he added.

Creative economy and tourism has become Papua’s mainstay to increase local income. Hence, a momentous event such as PON can be used to revitalize various touristic products and eco-socio and cultural based tourism destinations.

Solid Preparation                      

Lukas also added that this event will become a challenge on its own for Papua. Many things must be prepared and in high standards. One of the things that differentiate PON 2020 in Papua with the previous PON is the budget. According to him, because Papua is located on the eastern part of Indonesia, and with Papua’s topography that is being surrounded with Mountains, the transportation for athletes who will compete in PON should be one of the priority concerns.

At the least, said Lukas, Papua needs funding in the amount of 15 Trillions IDR to prepare various facilities and infrastructure for the athletes. Funds in that amount, explained Lukas, will come from the local Government, private sectors, and others. He is confident that Papua can gather that amount of money.

This amount of money, said Lukas, is needed to build the competition venue that, according to plan, would be distributed in 5 selected Districts/cities, which are Jayapura, Wamena, Timika, Biak, and Merauke.

The five districts/cities are chosen in order to distribute the development of infrastructures and facilities. This is referring to the previous PON XIX/2016 in West Java, where athletes from all over West Java have participated.

PON 2020 will become a motivational push for the Papuan athletes who have competed in West Java’s PON. A little bit of flashback, there are at least 385 athletes that was competing in West Java. In this event, Margaretha Herawati from Papua has succeeded to win gold medal in 100 m Pool Diving match of women’s bifins. Margaretha who is also a world athlete also broke the newest national record, which is 50.11 seconds from the previous National Competition, which was 50.34 seconds (read also Margaretha Herawati: Gold For Papua).


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