The Return of Papuan Armed Group Members To The Arms of Indonesia

Ex Papuan armed group, Frengky Kuntui, handed over his firearm to the Tactical Border Security Task Force (Pamtas) of Infantry Batalyon (Yonif) 122 or Tomba Sakti (TS) of Skouw, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City. The firearm was handed over to two soldiers, Praka Brutu and Praka Yadi, witnessed by Task Force Infantry Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Kohir.

Frengky Kuntui also said that the home-assembled firearms were made when he was still an active member of an armed group lead by Mathias Wenda in 2000-2001. He has decided to quit because he realizes that he has committed crime and it’s time to come back to the arms of the Unitary State of the Republic Indonesia (NKRI). Furthermore, currently he has a good relationship with all the members of Pamtas Yonif 122/TS and he has even considered the two soldiers (Praka Brutu and Praka Yadi) as his own sons.

“I handed-over this firearm to the two soldiers (Praka Brutu and Praka Yadi), because I have considered them as my own sons,” said Frengky Kuntui, Friday (21/10/2016), cited from AntaraPapua.


Papuan armed group
Fifty nine firearms that have been handed-over by Papuan armed groups. Via

This is not the first time this has happened, on early October of 2016, 59 firearms had been voluntarily handed over by armed groups because they want to live an ordinary and peaceful live. The Papuan people are already tired of the existence of the Papuan armed groups that are not only committing criminal activities, but are also attacking the Papuan people. Hence, currently, some of the members of the Papuan armed groups have realized that they have committed crime and decided to continue life as law abiding Indonesian citizens.

“This has made us (Indonesian National Armed Forces and Police) very proud of the people in Papua. They are now more aware of the importance of peace, and they do want to live peacefully. This is symbolized by handing over these firearms,” said the Mayor General of Regional Military Command (Pangdam) VII or Cenderawasih, Hinsa Siburian, cited from BeritaPapua.

This also proves that, the trust of the Papuan people to the government are now high, especially to the TNI and Police. The people in Papua also know that they want to live peacefully and that the government is giving their best to provide a better live.

 They know that currently, under the Jokowi government, the government and the President are trying their best in building better communication with the people of papua. President Jokowi also visits more often, compared with the previous Presidents. (President Jokowi already visited Papua five times, during his reign as the President of Indonesia). Furthermore, he is also building more infrastructures like sea tolls, Trans Papua roads, East Palapa Ring, and markets, in order to help the development and the economic growth in Papua.


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