Wow! Fuel Oil in Puncak Papua Dropped from 50,000 IDR to 6,500 IDR!

Apparently, 2016 has become a fortunate year for Puncak regency in Papua! For the first time, in Ilaga District of Puncak Regency, a gas station has been established. The gas station immediately becomes the primadonna of the locals of Puncak Regency. Since from now on, they only need to pay 6,500 IDR per liter for Premium fuel oil and 5,500 IDR for Solar oil. Prior to the construction of the gas station, Premium oil was sold at 50,000 IDR! Papuan fuel oil is no longer a luxury.

papuan fuel oil
Pertamina Gas Station. Via

The new price set by Pertamina will definitely lessen the expenses of Puncak Regency people. Moreover, the Head of Sector Police of Ilaga, Ipda Sayori, gave recommendation the Regent of  Puncak Regency, Willem Wandik, that the tariff for land transportation that is widely used by the local people such as motorbike taxi, should be accorded with the new price of fuel oil.

“The tariff of motorbike taxi that was previously 50,000 IDR/2km, for city trip, should be changed to 20,000 IDR. For a total distance of 5km from Ilaga Airport to Gome, which was 100,000 IDR should become 30,000 IDR. This price change would definitely be warmly greeted by the people,” said Ipda Sayori.

Several regulations should also be developed by the local Police and Military (TNI) for the people that wants to buy fuel oil. Among others are monitoring for fuel selling by the Police and Military to maintain order. Considering only 4 tons of Papuan fuel oil is available per day. Each citizen can only buy 3 liters/per day for a motorbike, and 10 liters per day for a car.

Previously, in the 71st Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day, Willem Wandik said the that subsidized fuel oil is a solid proof that the government is definitely present and supports Papua, and Puncak Regency in particular. This is also what the government means by “Concrete Work”.

“The subsidized fuel oil, and the new non commercial logistics airplane owned by the Local Government, will push the price of goods even lower,” said Willem.

This new Pertamina gas station will add to the already long list of infrastructure or public facilities that are being developed by the government of Indonesia in Puncak regency. Besides the gas station, there will also be Trans Papua Road that will be constructed through Ilaga City, Puncak Regency. The development is still ongoing from now until 2018.

After the development of gas station, the regency which was established in 4 January 2008 has also recently bought a DHC-4T Turbo Caribou aircraft, by the Local Government of Puncak Regency directly from United States (read also: New Airplane for Lower Prices in Puncak District of Papua). The gas station and the airplane are solutions that are offered by the Local Government of Puncak Regency to lower the price of goods and services, hence the people of Puncak, Papua, can have better welfare.


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