Papua’s Rapid Economic Growth in The Hands of Jokowi

Under President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) administration, Papua is now flourishing. From building more infrastructure, improvement in health facilities, welfare, and economic growth, and even equality in fuel price.  Papua is now one of his top priorities. He has many plans to make sure that the rapid growth in Papua keeps going, such as One National Fuel Price, Trans Papua Road, Sea Toll, Sorong Special Economic Zone, and others. Slowly but sure, he will make positive changes in Papua.

Although many of his plans and developments in Papua are not finished yet, but the impact can already be enjoyed by the Papuan people. Right now, Papua economy is growing rapidly. The economic growth in Papua is 8.76% per year, that’s almost double the national economic growth. In 2015, Papua economic growth is around 7.97% per year, that means Papua economic growth has increased 0,76% in one year. Moreover, Papua economic growth will continue improve, along with the infrastructure developments in Papua.

Papua economic growth have many impact to the Papuan People and their welfare, one of them is the decrease in poverty rates in Papua. Indeed, poverty rates in Papua is decreasing, when we see it from before Jokowi administration compared with during his administration.

“We can measure that there’s a decrease in poverty rates in Papua Province. In 2015, the poverty rate is only 28.1% compared to 2013 where the poverty rate reached 30.05. There’s a decrease in poverty rate around 1.88%,” said Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, cited from AntaraPapua.

West Papua Province also experienced a decrease in poverty rate. According to Central Bureau of Statistics of West Papua, the poverty rates has decreased from 26.26% in September 2014 to 25.73% in September 2015. Hence, the poverty rate in West Papua has decreased 0.53% in a matter of year.

The decrease in poverty rates in Papua will make an impact on the welfare and human development in Papua. As you can see, the Human Development Index (HDI) in Papua Province and West Papua Province keep increasing. According to Central Bureau of Statistics Papua, HDI in Papua is 57.25%  in 2015. According to Central Bureau of Statistics West Papua, HDI in West Papua is 61.73% in 2015. From the picture below, HDI in Papua Province and West Papua Province keep increasing for the last six years.




Papua economic growth and developments are affecting the welfare of the Papuan people. Papua economic growth and welfare keep increasing, not to mention, that this improvement is already happening while some of Jokowi works and developments are still ongoing. Imagine what will happen if all of his developments and works in Papua has been completed. Papua economic grow will increase even more than this. That means, better life and better future for the Papuan people.