Persipura Jayapura, the Pride and Joy of Indonesian Football

Persipura Jayapura or the Papuan Football Union is an Indonesian football club from Jayapura. This football club from Papua was first established in 1 May of 1963 and considered by many as one of the most successful Eastern Indonesia football club in the modern era of Indonesian football scene. They are nicknamed The Black Pearl or Mutiara Hitam in Indonesian, because of their many talented players. Their base camp is in Mandala Stadium, a stadium with the capacity of 40,000 people. Their home jersey colors are red stripes with black color, while their away jersey colors are white with red stripes on the shoulder.

This club is one of the Indonesia’s well known club, not only because of its achievements but also because it can produce many high quality players. Being a four times champion in Indonesia League in 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013, have made Persipura Jayapura becomes one of Indonesia’s top clubs. With that kind of achievements, Persipura is one of the leading Indonesian football club in Indonesian football competition. Not only domestically, Persipura Jayapura is also one of the toughest contenders that other clubs should watch throughout Asia. They even get into the semifinal in Asian Football Confederation Cup in 2014 and also in quarterfinal in 2001.

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Persipura Jayapura is also a well known club that has produced many talented Papuan players, like Boaz Salossa, Ardiles Rumbiak, Christian Worabay, Titus Bonai, and Stevie Bonsapia. Those players are some of the most talented players in the Indonesian League that are of international level, especially Boaz Salossa. With their achievements and their quality players, Persipura Jayapura has captured the heart of the people, nation wide. Their die hard fans usually call themselves Persipuramania, but now they  have changed it to D’BLACK.

Persipura is usually well known for their attack style which includes high paced attack style using the players’ speed and stamina. Because of their fast paced attacks, the matches of Persipura Jayapura are always enjoyable to watch and very entertaining for die hard football fans. Their fast paced attacks also usually caught their opponents off guard, especially with the speed of one of their star player, Boaz Salossa. He already scored 145 goals during his career with Persipura Jayapura. Their high paced attack style even smashed Kuwait SC, one of the top clubs from Kuwait, during AFC Cup 6-1 quarterfinal. Boaz Salossa scored once in that match. Those results have made them qualified to go to semifinal, although they got beaten by Qadsia SC, another club from Kuwait.

Persipura Jayapura is without doubt one of the greatest Indonesian football. Their achievements are not only on the domestic level but already can be considered on the Asian region level. They also have produced many talented players, that have contributed and played football for the Indonesian National Team in International level. Persipura Jayapura is the pride and joy, not only for the Papuan people, but also for all of the Indonesian people.


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