Pertamina’s Prompt Fire Management in APMS Papua

Pertamina Oil and Diesel Distributor Agent (APMS) in Membramo Raya Regency was caught on fire, on Thursday 20 October 2016. This incident has made the people of Papua who live around the perimeter feel worried, because the fuel in the APMS can ignite larger fire. Not only that, people around the area is also afraid that the fuel stock in Membramo Raya will be lacking after that incident. That incident allegedly happened because of a stove explosion. The stove is assumed to belong to the residents who live close by.

Membramo Regent, R. Ham Pagawak, during the inauguration of APMS in there. Via

After those incidents, Pertamina in Papua quickly anticipated the fuel stock issue. The next day after the incident, Pertamina distributes fuel from other areas to help the fuel stock in Membramo Raya.

“Fuel stock in Membramo Raya is safe. Right now we are supplying fuel from our Depot in Biak through ship by using Membramo river. We are also cooperating with the local government in Papua,” said the Area Manager of Communication and Relation of Pertamina in Papua-Maluku Region, Taufik Nurrahman, Friday 21 October 2016, cited from sindonews.

Furthermore, to eliminate anxiety of the local residents about the continuity of fuel supply, Pertamina also cooperated with the local government to find other places that are safe for new APMS in Membrano Raya Regency. On Sunday, 30 October of 2016, Pertamina in Papua opened their new APMS in Membramo Raya Regency and refuel their fuel stock. According to Pertamina Retail Manager in Regional Marketing Operation (MOR) VIII Maluku-Papua, Zibali Hisbuh Masih, they already supplied 50 thousand liter of premium fuel and 10 thousand liter diesel fuel. There are also other 60 thousand liter premium fuel and 10 thousand liter diesel fuel on the way.

Pertamina in Papua want to supply the fuel in that location back to normal and also they want to boost the marketing of their fuel. Moreover, right now, they are discussing with the local government in Membramo Raya Regency about adding a new APMS there.

This incident, has shown us how fast Pertamina would react if there are any fuel supply chain problem in Papua. In addition, it has also shown us how committed Pertamina is in providing fuel and ensuring the same one national price in Papua. As we already know, Pertamina has promised President Joko Widodo to ensure the same price of fuel in Papua with other areas in Indonesia. Although there are many areas in Papua that are hard to access, especially by land transportation, Pertamina is committed to provide fuel supply in every areas in Papua. By ensuring the fuel supply, they can erase the lask of fuel stock in Papua. To control the fuel price in Papua, Pertamina has also established their own agent in Papua.

During his fifth Presidential visits to Papua, President Joko Widodo ensure the Papuan people, that fuel price in Papua will be the same with other places in Indonesia. He also already asked the President Director of Pertamina to ensure it. Therefore, Pertamina is commited to subsidize the transportation cost in Papua, to realize the same price.


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