The Poultry Farming Program to Increase the Livelihood in Papua

Developing business groups in Papua is one of the goals for most companies’ CSR program. Currently, there are CSR programs that have been started which are aimed for the community development and entrepreneurship in Papua. The goals of these business groups is to increase the income of the Papuan people and boost the economy growth in Papua. One of those business programs that has succeeded is the poultry farming CSR program by Tunas Sawaerma (TSE) corporation in Asikie, Boven Digoel, Papua.

The poultry farming has been implemented by Tunas Sawaerma corporation since 2013. They have started it with 11,881 chicks as a starter flock. Quoted from Tempo, “This is a part of our CSR program that we give to the community around our company’s operational area. We hope that the existence of this poultry farming can increase the community’s quality of life”, said the CSR general staff of TSE, Sunardi, Friday (30/12/2016).

The community has also given a positive respond for the poultry farming. One of the community resident that has received the benefit of this program is Yakobus Tawab. He explained that “There are many benefits that we have reap. We can use the profit of the broiler chicken farm to finance our children education and health fees. It has been very beneficial for us because we previously only hunt for our livelihood”.

Poultry Farming Increase the Economic Livelihoods of Papuan
Illustration of Poultry Farming of Laying Eggs Chicken via

Yakobus has been joining this business group since the program started in 2013. Since then, he and his team have been profiting from nine seasons of broiler chicken farming with the income of around 15-20 million IDR per season. The income would go to the “joint account” which will be invested for business development.

Currently, they have a chicken coop with the capacity of up to 1,500 chickens that consist of 1,000 broiler chickens and 500 egg laying hens. The farming products are sold in the TSE company area. The employees and the surrounding people can buy it with the price of 55 thousand IDR per chicken.

In general, the price of the chicken is quite expensive since the poultry feed mostly come from outside of Papua. Cited from, since Sea Toll has been developed in Papua, the price of some commodities decrease, including broiler chickens. The price of a broiler chicken before the Sea Toll exist was around 80 thousand IDR per kg and now, after the Sea Toll, it is sold at 60 thousand IDR per kg.

With the community development program, besides reducing poverty in Papua by improving the economy it also assists the community to become self-sufficient. This program can also meet the demands of chicken products in some areas of Papua. Thus, they can learn to improve the quality of the poultry products as well as building competitive business with other producers in Indonesia.

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