Oil and Gas Power Plant for Brighter Future in Timika

Electricity is one of the most important aspects in development. It’s no different to electricity in Papua. With the vast land and difficult geographical condition, the development of electricity in Papua has many challenges. Fortunately continuous progress is being done day by day. One shining example for the development of electricity in Papua comes from Timika. New oil and gas power plant is being built as we’re speaking.

The Indonesian State Electricity Company (PLN) is going to build a Power Plant Powered by Oil & Gas (PLTMG) in Timika, Papua, in early 2017. Currently in Timika, there are only diesel power plants powered and it is still inadequate for supplying electricity to every house in that region. PLN wants to change that situation by building PLTMG, where they can create more electricity for the needs of people in Timika.

electricity in Papua
PLN Manager in Timika Salmon Karet. Via rri.co.id

PLN Manager in Timika, Salmon Karet, said that PLN has already made an agreement with the district government to make that happen. Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng has already signed the permit to build PLTMG and has determined the location in Paumako Port.  For this PLMTG project, PLN will provide compensation of 11 hectares land acquisition in Paumako Port.

“The Timika local government and us have the same commitment that PLTMG in Timika must be build in early 2017. We already agree about the location in Paumako Port,” said Salomon in Timika, Monday. (3/10)

This PLTMG will have 50 megawatts electricic power and will be built gradually by PLN. In early 2017, the PLTMG will supply 10 megawatts electricity to Timika, and it will be followed with another 40 megawatts.

The rapid development in Timika has increased the demand of electricity. Therefore, the development of PLTMG will be important for Timika, because it will supply more electricity to that district. It will support the acceleration of economic development in the region.

Currently, PLN recorded that there are over 43 thousand PLN customers in Timika. PLN Timika also has two districts under its authorty, which are Asmat and Nduga. In the near future, Yahukimo district will also be transfered to PLN Timika (Relocated from PLN Jayapura).

PLN is very concerned about the lack of electricity in many villages in Papua and West Papua provinces. They know that electricity is very important to the development. In April, PLN WP2B General Manager, Yohanes Sukrislismono, promised that in the next year, PLN will supply 80% of electricity in villages of Papua and West Papua provinces. He also mentioned that to make that happen, PLN already has a plan to make a project named Bright Papua.


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