President Jokowi Holding the Umbrella for Governor Lukas in Papua Went Viral

President Joko Widodo was in his fifth Presidential visit to Papua since Monday 17 of October 2016. One of the agenda of his Presidential visit is the inauguration of 6 electricity facilities in Papua. During the visit of Jokowi in Papua for the  inauguration in Wamena Sentani’s 20 Mega Volt Electricity Main Depot, something interesting happened. There are a couple pictures of Jokowi holding an umbrella and sheltering the Governor of Papua, Lucas Enembe, from the rain. The pictures of Jokowi in Papua becomes viral fast and took the internet by storm. Many netizens are responding to the pictures and it has become the trending topic in twitter.

One of the netizen @dbeelilipaly even said, “It is very rare indeed, that a President holds an umbrella for his Governor”. Another netizen @RianRizaldi said, “Good example, position is not something to boast about, but to respect one another”. There are even netizens who tweet their own version of why Jokowi is the one holding the umbrella, such as @HansOttawa2012 who said that “The other two are much shorter… if they are the one who hold it @jokowi have to bow down, it’s going to be funny haha,” and @558Elisa, who said, “@yustihutabarat @sahaL_AS simple… the one who wears the white dress and much taller should hold the umbrella”.

This is indeed a rare scene, someone with a high position to assist and appreciate his subordinate like what Jokowi did in these pictures. As a President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jokowi is the person who holds the highest ranking in the Indonesian government, usually the number one person is not viewed as someone who would serve but instead, being served. However, in this case, he is the one who serves Lukas Enember, by holding the umbrella for him. This shows how Jokowi is a humble and down to earth guy. He did not show any awkwardness when holding the umbrella. Instead, he showed a smiling face while holding the umbrella. The photographs show that, while he was holding the umbrella, he casually chatted and talked about something funny with Lucas Enembe and the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Rini Sumarno. We can see from the way they were laughing together, while walking side by side.

President Jokowi is indeed famous for his humble attitude. He has also been previously the talk of the Twitter town, such as the Tweets between his son and him. The communication between this father and son in social media is so fluid, although they are the presidential family which was previously seen as rigid, self-reserved, and out of reach by civilians.

President Jokowi holding his umbrella for the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe (right) and Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Rini Soemarno (left). (Photo courtesy of


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