Raja Ampat: One of The Top World Diving Destination 2017

As a maritime country with the largest water territory in the world, we have to be grateful. The seas of Indonesia are indeed our blessings. The underwater biodiversity is like heaven on earth.  No wonder, lots of people are impressed by its beauty. One of the top diving spots in Indonesia is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is famous as the Papuan best dive which was recently mentioned as one of the Top 15 places to Dive by Dive Magazine of the United England.

The magazine that annually sorts beautiful underwater spots has included our papuan best dive spot, Raja Ampat. Along with four other spots in Indonesia, such as Alor in NTT, Komodo island in NTT, Lembongan in Bali, and Lembeh in North Sulawesi.  These spots have astonishing underwater nature that pampers the eyes.

Papuan Best Dive
Beautiful sight of Raja Empat. Via rajaampatparadise.com

Yes, Raja Ampat is popular as the Papuan best dive, and its fame has been known in the world, especially for divers. This natural assets of West Papua has a lot of special qualities that do not exist in other seas in the world.

The Indonesian Science Institution (LIPI) mentioned that there are hundreds of hard corals that grow in Raja Ampat sea which do not exist in other seas in the world. Moreover,  the corals in Raja Ampat are also claimed to have represented 75 percents of corals in the world. Furthermore, a team of experts from the Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and the National Oceanography Institution (LON) LIPI also stated that there are more than 1.000 species of reef fish, 700 species of Mollusks, and the highest Gonodactyloid Stomatopod Crustaceans  ever recorded, exist in  Raja Ampat.

In addition, among the clusters of islands in Raja Ampat such as Dampier (the strait between Waigeo and Batanta islands), Kofiau islands, South East Misool islands and Wayang islands, the condition of the existing coral reefs are wonderful and well preserved.

According to the watch of papuanews.org, up to 14th of September, Indonesia is still leading the ongoing vote for the Best Places in the World to Dive in 2017 based on Dive Magazine version, with 21,937 voters. It is estimated that this will keep on increasing until the end of the vote, in 31 December 2016. The second place is taken by the Philippine with the score of 2,031, and the third place is taken by the Maldives with the score of 1.845, followed by the other 16 countries in the nominee list.

If you want Raja Ampat to be the Top World Diving Destination of 2017 you can vote on Dive Magazine. Vote for Indonesia and make our Papuan best dive to be the best Diving Destination before the end of the year!

Moreover, with the new infrastructure developments in Raja Ampat, more people would be able to gain access to Raja Ampat. With cheaper costs and better convenience, the holiday and travel in Raja Ampat would be so much more enjoyable.

Raja Ampat’s  International Track Record

The wonderful nature which is still authentic and preserved, and the abundant underwater resources, has made Raja Ampat becomes the Papuan best dive that has won some rewards domestically and internationally. It is being appreciated by those who are amazed by God’s creation in West Papua and it is also an encouragement for people to preserve it.

Internationally, Raja Ampat has received an award for The Best Destination within the category of Adventure, in Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2015, Helsinki, Finland, 15-18 January 2015.

Cited from Detik, an award was given by a tourism magazine from Finland “Mondo Travel Magazine” (MTM) at the biggest tourism fair in North Europe and Baltic. The underwater beauty and the natural islands cluster in Raja Ampat, has made it as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, and considered as one of the best in the world by MTM.

In the same year, Cable News Network (CNN) also rewarded Raja Ampat and Komodo Island as Worlds Best Snorkeling Destination. Both islands have won over other snorkeling places in other countries, including Galapagos Islands in Ecuador which has been famous for the best snorkeling destination.

Additionally, Raja Ampat as the papuan best dive was also included in the list of 10 priority destinations in Indonesia – such as Bali, Jakarta, Batam, Medan, Makassar, Yogya-Solo-Semarang, Bunaken-Wakatobi, Lombok, Bandung and Banyuwangi – which was being promoted to the people in Nantes, France at “Salon International du Tourisme de Nantes” Tourism Fair in France, March 2016, where Indonesia received a Pays dHonneur awardWhile in Indonesia, Raja Ampat has also been inaugurated as one of the Favorite Destination Cities in Indonesia Tourism Award (ITA) 2011 and Anugerah E-KKP3K in 2013.


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