The Ministry of Transportation’s Solution to Reduce Aircraft Accident in Papua

Papua is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It holds elegant and scenic panoramic view, from the beaches to the mountains, its seas and rivers. But behind its beautiful nature, Papua nature also holds a dark reality. The nature is also well known for its inhospitable and dangerous conditions, especially for air transportation. Hence, aircraft accident in Papua is higher when compared to many other places in Indonesia.

“If we look at the statistics, the rates of aircraft accident in Papua is above average of air accident in Indonesia. This has been occurring for many years. We do not want this trend to keep increasing.” Said the Head of Indonesia Aviation Network, Alvin Lie, as cited from angkasa.

If we look at the statistics, the aircraft accident in Papua is 25 percent, followed by aircraft accident in Java, which is 23 percent. The cases of aircraft accident that usually happen are off runway cases, which are 36 percent. However, according to the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, there are two problems that cause aircraft accident in Papua. First, is the lack of supervision and human error. Second, is usually caused by the difficult weather conditions in Papua.

aircraft accident in papua
Pioneer airplane in Papua via


To tackle the lack of supervision and human error in Papua, the Ministry of Transportation will develop better monitoring system in Papua. Furthermore, they will also build better Air Traffic Control system. Hence, they will supervise the adequacy of the planes and also the man power. They will also implement strict requirements for the pilot, and only the qualified ones can fly in Papua. One of the requirements for the pilot to fly in Papua is if they are a senior pilot with impeccable discipline.

The National Transportation Safety Committee also suggests the Ministry of Transportation to develop the man power, infrastructures, and technology in Papua. Hence the rate of aircraft accident in Papua can be reduced. Budi Karya also promises that he will improve the airfield, manpower, and Standard Operational Procedure. It is hoped that with these improvements, the air accident in Papua can be significantly decreased.


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