Aquaculture Aid from Pertamina for Nendali Village

Regional Pertamina of Maluku and Papua are trying their best in supporting the Papuan people, especially regarding the welfare and development. One of their measures is by following through the One Fuel Price program, a program to have the same fuel price everywhere in Indonesia, including Papua. They even subsidize the fuel transportation cost until it reached destination and have also established Pertamina fuel agents in remote places to maintain the fuel price.

Furthermore, Regional Pertamina of Maluku and Papua always supervise the availability of fuel stock and promptly handles the lack of fuel stock in Papua, for example, when Pertamina Oil and Diesel Distributor Agent (APMS) in Membramo Raya Regency was caught on fire, on Thursday 20 October 2016, they quickly distribute fuel from other places and then 10 days later, they have opened a new APMS.

Recently, Regional Pertamina of Maluku and Papua have also helped the Papuan people by giving tens of fish traps (keramba), thousands of fish fingerlings and fish feed to tens of families in Nendali Village, East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Papua. Regional Pertamina of Maluku and Papua gave 1,500 fish fingerlings, 400 sacks of fish feed, and 20 fish traps to widowers in Nendali Village.

Pertamina Maluku and Papua Regions
Fish cages or Keramba. Via

“This is a part of our CSR program, as the implementation of Pertamina’s concerns to the local communities near our operation location. This is an annual program to support the empowerment of the local people,” said Head Operation of TBMM Jayapura Pertamina MOR VIII, Agus Rahman, cited from antarapapua.

This is actually a part of the annual program of Pertamina in Papua. This year, they chose Nendali Village based on the recommendation of the consultants from Cendrawasih University. Next year, Regional Pertamina of Maluku and Papua would also plan to aid the business sectors, such as restaurants. Aquaculture is important for the economic development in Papua, according to the fish farmers, 1,500 of fish in one keramba can make a profit of more than 28 million IDR in three months. Therefore, Nendali Villagers really appreciate and feel grateful to the contributions of Regional Pertamina of Maluku and Papua Regions for their aquaculture development

“We are really grateful to Pertamina for helping the villagers in Nendali, especially our widowers, by giving 20 fish traps, thousands of fish fingerlings, and fish feed for three months,” said Head Chief of Nendali Village, Wemfrid Wally, cited from antarapapua. “Up to now, with the funds from the government, we’ve already built 40 units of fish traps from our target of 150 units, and today we have 20 more units from Pertamina. We hope that we can reach our target,” he continued.

Nendali Village is a village with the population of 2,040 inhabitants, with the majority of them working as farmers and fishermen. Therefore, the aid from Pertamina are important in supporting their economic development. Through this aid, Nendali villagers can increase the development of their aquaculture to boost their economy.


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