S. Olvah Alhamid: Miss Eco Universe 2016 Ambassador from Papua

Brain, Beauty, and Behavior is the motto of these beautiful contestants in Miss Eco Universe 2016. The women from Papua have proven that they have those characters and able to compete whether in national or international arena. On 2007, Christy Anggeline Jawiraka from Merauke achieved the Top 10 of Miss Indonesia which furthermore represented Indonesia in the international contest of Miss South East Asian 2013 where she had an amazing accomplishment as the Second runner-up. On 2016, there is another beautiful Papuan woman that has achieved national and international recognition, she is S. Olvah Alhamid.

S. Olvah Alhamid or more familiar as Olvah is a Papuan girl of Sarmi and Fakfak tribe heritage. She has a very unique Afro hair style which makes her look more exotic. Besides fluent in Papuan and Indonesian, she is also fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch. She has a BSC of International Business from Netherlands.

Beautiful Papuan : S. Olvah Alhamid
S. Olvah Alhamid with other contestants in Miss Eco Universe 2016 via Alquds.co.uk

This beautiful Papuan woman is a sport junkie who loves basketball and soccer. Towering with 170 cm of height and blessed with a photogenic look, currently Olvah focuses on her career in modeling. She has a natural talent in modeling and she is also confident, eager and friendly. She is the perfect ambassador to introduce and brought Papua to the limelight of the world.

The latest contest that she followed was on last April 2016 which was Miss Eco Universe 2016. The competition is aimed to find an ambassador for environmental causes. This beauty contest was supported by the Egyptian government and the United Nations. In this contest, she had to compete with 70 girls from around the world. She had accomplished to be in the Top 16 of Miss Eco Universe 2016 and won three awards.

Beautiful Papuan : S. Olvah Alhamid
S. Olvvah Alhamid in Miss Eco Universe 2016 via Indonesianpageants

In that competition she wore the national costume made by Eko Chandra. She also contributed her ideas in the design of the national costume in order to introduce Papua to the world. The theme of the national costume is “the Birds of Paradise” which represents the beauty of Papua. The headdress was formed like a traditional house of Papua “Honai”, and the colors symbolize the natural abundance of Papua. The Black Orchid on the right and left sides are from Papua and it is the most expensive flower in Papua. Then there were Tifa, the traditional instrument from Papua which shows the unique art and culture of Papua. While the Birds of Paradise or Cendrawasih symbolizes the beauty of Papua that needs to be conserved and preserved. Other dresses such as the cocktail dress, the evening gown and dresses that she wore during Miss Eco Universe was made by Papuan designers.

Beautiful Papuan : S. Olvah Alhamid
S. Olvah Alhamid won Miss Digital award in Miss Eco Universe 2016 via Elbashayeronline

Overall, the amazing achievements of S. Olvah Alhamid are:

  1. Miss Intelligence 2015
  2. Top 5 Miss Indonesia 2015 (Runner-Up 3)
  3. Miss West Papua 2015
  4. Top 16 Miss Eco Universe Indonesia 2016
  5. Best National Costume (Miss Eco Universe Indonesia 2016)
  6. Miss Cooking (Miss Eco Universe Indonesia 2016)
  7. Miss Digital (Miss Eco Universe Indonesia 2016)

Lets not forget another amazing Papuan woman who has proven her capacity to achieve success and lead in other fields such as Yohana Yembise. She is the first Papuan women who was awarded as Distinguished Professor by the Minister of Education and Culture. She is also the first female minsiter from papua. She is the symbol of women empowerment and the spirit of Papua.

Hopefully, there will be more Papuan women like Christy Anggeline Jawiraka, S. Olvah Alhamid and Yohana Yembise who are brave to stand up and be confident for their brain, beauty and behavior.


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