Santa Clause parade in Papua

Christmas day is one of the most celebrated day in the world. When Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In Papua, where most of the people are Christians, Christmas day is widely celebrated by the Papuan people. In welcoming Christmas day, the government takes several measures to ensure a good atmosphere for Christmas day in Papua. One of them is by providing the availability of cash for Christmas and New Year. In order to meet the demands of cash availability during Christmas and Papua, and also the upcoming New year of 2017, the Bank of Indonesia Representative Office in Papua has prepared funds in the amount of 5.35 Trillion IDR.

The joy that Christmas brings is already in the air for the people in Papua. They have already prepared the upcoming Christmas by building Christmas Hut, Christmas tree, decorating their houses, and so on. During Christmas day, the Papuan people will celebrate it  with an annual Santa Clause parade in Papua on the 25th of December. The Santa Clause parade in Papua is a Christmas event that will be filled with various religious activities.

The Vice Regent of Biak Numfor, Hery Ario Naap is asking the participants to maintain peace during the Santa Clause parade in Papua. In this Christmas day, he hopes that people can welcome Christmas by keeping their heart pure and increase their faith. The Santa Clause parade is hoped to grow the values of love in social life, family, and the whole nation.

Santa Clause Parade in Papua
Muslim women are doing a marching band during Santa Clause Parade in Papua 2014. Via

The Santa Clause parade in Papua is being held every Christmas day. In 2015, thousand of Papuan people also attended the Santa Clause parade in Papua. In 2014, the Santa Clause parade in Papua, specifically in Jayapura, were also held by having carnival, marching band, and also decorated cars. Christians are not the only ones who participate in Santa Clause parade in Papua, people from other religions also participate. According to the Vice Regent of Jayapura Regency, Robert Djoenso, those parades are the prove that interfaith tolerance exists in Papua.


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