The Sky Bridge Program to Improve Transportation in Papua

Improving the transportation infrastructure in Papua is one of the solution from the government to decrease the high price of goods. The high price in Papua is caused by the challenging access of goods to the remote areas. There are ongoing developments of transportation infrastructures such as the Trans Papua Road, Sea Toll, train rail, and many more to improve the transportation access in Papua.

Currently, they have already executed the sky bridge program to improve the transportation access in Papua. This plan aims to improve the transportation access in Papua, mainly in remote places, by air connectivity. Through this program, the distribution of goods that cannot be carried out through sea toll, such as the mountain areas, will be distributed through the airplane.

The Ministry of Transportation has already subsidized around 26.58 billion IDR this year, for the sky bridge program in Papua. These funds are designated to fund the transport costs (around 22.28 billion IDR) and fuel cost (around 4.3 billion IDR) of cargo plane to deliver the goods to the mountain areas in Papua. For this program, the government will charter a cargo plane and have also bought a cargo plane for the distribution of goods in Papua.

Transportation access in Papua
Large cargo plane will going to be use to delivery goods in Papua. Via


There are 12 areas that will be targeted for this program. Those areas were previously hard to access because of the harsh weather condition, such as foggy skies and heavy rain. The distribution of goods itself are usually being done by small cargo planes. Hence, only a small amount of goods are being transported in one trip. This program will utilize a much bigger cargo plane to solve these problems. Furthermore, it will handle a much better weather condition because the bigger the capacity of the plane, the more it is equipped to transport more goods to those areas.

Reducing the price of goods is one of the main focus of the government in Papua. They have already created many solutions in order to reduce price of goods in Papua. One of them is by the One Price Fuel program. The program also supports the measures of lowering transportation cost, and thus access in Papua will be cheaper.


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