Solar Power Plant for Ensuring the Electricity in Papua

Electricity is one of the most important necessity in the modern civilization, because everything around us are powered by electricity, from our TV, refrigerator, lights, and so on. In economy and business, electricity is essential to operate the machinery, lights, computers, and so on, which are crucial for turning the wheels of the economy activities. Therefore, when the Indonesian government wants to boost the economy in Papua, more power plants are being built to ensure the electricity in Papua. Although there are still several areas in Papua that still don’t have electricity, in 2019, through the program of Brighter Papua, the electrification will reach 90%.

However, building power plant is not an easy matter. Not only that the construction costs is fairly high, but power plant also need source of power to operate. Most power plants usually use fossil energy, but right now, fossil energy has begin to run dry. Therefore, a new source of energy is needed to replace our dependency to fossil energy. One of the ways is by using solar power. In Papua, solar power plant has already been used by the government for electricity in Papua. Not only that the source of energy comes from the sun, which means its almost infinite, but also the power itself is free. Therefore, solar power plant is one of the Indonesian government solution in providing better electricity in Papua.

electricty in Papua
Solar Panel for Solar Power Plant, will going to ensuring the electricity in Papua. Via Tempo

Furthermore, solar power plant can be installed in area that are still hard to access by the State Owned Electrical Company (PLN), because the cost of the installation doesn’t require a lot of money nor space. Hence, solar power plant is a better solution for electricity in Papua.  The Central Memberamo Regency, in Papua Province for instance, due to the hard access it can only be reached by a plane. Hence, the State Owned Electrical Company (PLN) can’t reach that area and previously there was no electricity. Fortunately the government has found the solution by installing and constructing a solar power plant. Currently, there are already 2,237 units of solar power plant in Memberamo regency. Those solar power plants can meet the daily electricity demand in Memberamo.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is also building a solar power plant that have 150 kilowatt capacity for Maybrat Regency. Not only that, they have also allocated 149 billion for funding the installation of Micro Hydraulic and Solar Power Plant for electricity in Papua 2017. The construction of these power plants are a part of Brighter Papua in 2019 program for the electricity in Papua. This program will build many power plants to ensure the electricity in Papua.

By building many power plants in Papua, the government hopes that it can help to increase the electricity in Papua and improve the economic growth and development. The Brighter Papua in 2019 program will ensure the electricity in Papua, even for the people who live in remote places by using solar power plant.


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