Souvenirs from Papua

Papua is one of Indonesia’s best travel destinations that still holds its natural beauty. In Papua, we can still find breathtaking sceneries, traditional customs, endemic flora and fauna, traditional arts, and also traditional delicacies. If you’re tired of the hectic and stressful life in the city, then try traveling to Papua. It is a must have experience for relaxing, while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. If you want to try to travel to Papua, and you’re confused on what souvenirs to buy for your family, friends, and coworkers, or maybe yourself, here are the ‘must have’ souvenir from Papua that you should buy when you travel to Papua:


Papuan Batik

Indonesia is known for the diversity of its batik. Every region in Indonesia have their own batik characters that symbolize their uniqueness and distinguish its culture from the others. That is the same for Papuan batik.  The most distinguish pattern for Papuan Batik is the Cendrawasih. Furthermore, Papuan Batik also have a darker color, sometimes using a picture of its local carving and using sacred symbols in their patterns. The most famous batik patterns in Papua are from Asmat tribe. The Asmat batik have more brown tone than the other Papuan batik, with its combination of earthy and terracotta tones.

Papuan batik was pioneered by Jimmy Affar. He is a Papuan born designer with a keen interest to his heritage. His initial fascination with patterns found in Papua has brought him to marry two cultures in to one.


souvenirs from Papua
Jimmy Affar, the pioneer of Papuan Batik via


Noken is a knitted handmade bag from Papua and one of the most sought after handcraft for either domestic or foreign tourists who visit Jayapura City,  the capital of Papua Province. This handmade bag have many characteristics and functions depend on the region. For example; noken from Asmat has the feathers of Cassowary, or eagle and even chicken. While noken from Mepago is made from orchid flowers. The price of each noken itself is varied. Noken from Mepago can be sold with high price, around millions of rupiah.

The most unique character of the Noken is its way of using it. Noken is not draped over the shoulder or being carried by hand, but it’s being draped on the head.

souvenirs from papua
Papuan women carrying Noken bag draped on their head via

Papuan handcraft sculpture

The people of Papua are famous for their craftsmanship, one of them is handcraft sculpture made from wood. This sculpture is made by sculpting wood with their hands, using sculpting tools, which then formed into figures or other unique ornaments. Every tribes have their own particular pattern in creating their own unique sculptures. For example sculptures that are made by Asmat and Sentani tribes are human shapes standing side by side, symbolizing soul. if you want to buy these sculptures for your family and friends or for your house decoration,  you can get this wood sculptures in art shops or a handcraft shops in Papua.  Every sculptures also have different prices, depending on the size and the difficulty level of the craftmanship.
souvenirs from papua
Karwar statue from Biak, Papua via

Papuan Sponge Cake Roll

One of the most special and unique delicacy in Papua that you have to try when you’re there is the Papuan Sponge cake roll with shredded meat. These rolls are well known for the delicious taste and making it one of the most sought after delicacies in Papua. Papuan rolls have different taste from other cake rolls that we usually find. Although it has a shape of the usual sponge cake rolls, it tastes different. To buy this delicacy you have to go to Manokwari City. In there, you can find it in Hawai Bakery or in other outlets around the city along the way to Hawai Bakery. If you visit Sorong City, you can find these rolls in Billy Bakery. These rolls also have many variants, like chocolate, strawberry, chicken, and others.

souvenirs from Papua
Papuan sponge cake roll via


souvenirs from papua

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