Much Love for Teachers in Papua – Papua New Guinea Border

Teachers are chivalrous people who are the backbone of education. Many songs are sung and praises are poured for their love of education and knowledge. Especially the teachers that reside in the remote places in the world.

Two of the Infantry Batalyon in the borders of Papua and Papua New Guinea have spared their time to present their appreciation for the merits of the teachers in one of the most challenging place in Indonesia. The Infantry Batalyon 122 and Infantry Batalyon 400 gave gifts of appreciation for the dedication and the noble service that the teachers have given.

On 25 November of 2016, right on the celebration of Teachers’ Day, the teachers in the Papua – Papua New Guinea border, Keerom Regency, Papua province have been presented with a token of appreciation. They have received donation in the form of staple food from the Border Security Task Force of Indonesia, the Infantry Batalyon 122 in Papua-Papua New Guinea border. The event was joined with meet and greet of the teachers that was held in Tactical Security Post of Skouw, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City.

Teachers in Papua - Papua New Guinea Border
The border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea via

The Commander of Infantry Batalyon 122, Lieutenant Colonel Kohir conveyed his gratitude to the teachers, that without their merits, his colleagues and him would never be able to become the men that they are today, proud members of the Indonesian national Armed Forces.

The teachers were happy and mutually feeling grateful. Moreover, when the students sing the teacher hymns, the atmosphere of love and gratefulness soar.

The Border Security Task Force of Indonesia, the Infantry Batalyon 400 in Papua-Papua New Guinea border also gave their appreciation to the teachers. Represented by the Task Force Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Heri Bambang Wahyudi, the teachers in Papua РPapua New Guinea Border, more specifically in Shalom Orphanage, Arso 8, Papua were being celebrated.

The Infantry Batalyon 400 also had the opportunity to introduce several products of sorghum in the forms of sorghum porridge, cookies, traditional dessert of nagasari which is made from sorghum flour. Other gifts were also given in the form of kids toys, shoes, medicine, clothes, school uniform, stationery, painting tools, kitchen utensils, religious cassette and bible. Moreover, the task force soldiers also helped the community to make sorghum produce as well as planting sorghum, constructing the roof of the orphanage and the construction of 2 toilet units.

The teachers in Papua – Papua New Guinea Border are the real unsung heroes. Being a teacher, moreover in a remote area such as the border of Indonesia-PNG is not an easy task. However, they have soldier on to dedicate their lives for the education. Hence, the soldiers have also presented their token of love to the teachers in Papua – Papua New Guinea Border.


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