Telkomsel Will Increase Bandwidth Capacity in Papua

The government is currently pushing forward to increase the connectivity in Papua. One of the measures carried out is by building more transportation infrastructure to improve telecommunication access in Papua. Moreover, the government also want to increase Papua’s connectivity by building more information infrastructure, such as providing better internet and telephone network. Therefore, PT. Telkom (Indonesian State-Owned Telecommunication Enterprise) will increase the internet and telephone network in Papua.

Telecommunication Access in Papua
During the inauguration of Regional Telkomsel Maluku-Papua

Telkomsel Regional Management in Papua-Maluku Region announced that they will increase their network to 950 Mbps in order to provide better communication service in Papua.

“Currently, Telkomsel internet network data can be accessed by 2G, 3G and 4G smart phones with 950 Mbps bandwidth capacity,” said the General Manager of Regional ICT of Telkomsel Papua-Maluku, Muhammad Muslih, cited from AntaraPapua. He also suggests to all customers in Papua who have 4G smartphones but still haven’t use sim-card to exchange it with Grapari.

Furthermore, Telkom Group would also take immediate measures if their fiber link or connection is cut off, by building a back up link through satellite with 1.600 Mbps capacity, from 17-19 October 2016. Furthermore, Telkomsel will keep improving their network with the help of other supporting networks via Radio IP with 800 Mbps of capacity.

Currently, Radio IP Sarmi-Jayapura still have 200 Mbps capacity, but at the end of this month the amount will increase to 800 Mbps capacity. Therefore, the network capacity will reach 2,4 Gbps,” said the General Manager of Telkom Witel Papua, Lonely Baringin Mangaranap, on 19 October 2016, cited from AntaraPapua.

Telkomsel’s main goal is to create better telecommunication access so that the people in Papua can compete with other regions of Indonesia in this telecommunication and information era. In addition, currently Telkomsel is also cooperating with the local government to build better telecommunication facilities in Papua. By doing that, it is expected to create better telephone signal and internet access that can facilitate the local people and tourists with stronger connection and better signal.

Better telecommunication access is needed so faster information and better connectivity can be gained by the people in Papua. Hence, the challenging transportation access in Papua would not be an obstacle to get connectivity with people inside Papua and also outside. Telkomsel is not the only one that will help to build better telecommunication infrastructure in Papua. Currently, the government is also building East Papua Ring, to provide better internet speed in Papua.

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