The Award Winning Photo from Papua

Papua has been brought to the international highlight yet again. This time is through the lenses of a foreign photographer, Magda Zelewska and her award winning photo from Papua.

The Survival International has been announcing the 12 winners of annual photography competition and the photo of Magda Zelewska has won first prize.┬áThe photograph is of a smiling tribes man from Dani tribe of Papua. In this picture we can see the glee in this senior tribes man eyes while he mimics Magda’s action while photographing him, with his fingers forming a lense that he put on his right eye. This wonderful photo has won first prize for this competition.

The organization Survival International is a global movement for the cause of the rights of indigenous tribes around the world. As released from the official site of Survival Int., the photo would be featured in their 2017 calendar that would be launched with the theme “We the People”. The award winning photo from Papua it self was made in 2014.

The award winning photo of Magda Zelewska capturing a senior tribes man from Dani, Papua via


Survival Int. has said that the photos from these winners are deemed to give insights on the ways of life of indigenous tribes around the world. These tribes are interestingly usually self-sufficient and very diverse in culture.

Besides Mahda Zelewska as the first winner, the are are 11 runner up winners which are:

  • Simon Morris – Nenets tribe, Siberia
  • Forest Woodward – Bushmen tribe, Botswana
  • Robert Stuzinski – K’iche Maya tribe, Guatemala
  • Alice Kohler – Muravi Asurini local people, Brazil
  • Tessa Bunney – Brokpa local people, Bhutan
  • Nguyen Van Long – H’Mong local, Vietnam
  • Giordano Cipriani – Suri local people, Ethiopia
  • Luigi Repetto – Yanomami local people, Brazil
  • Nacho Alvarez – Guangdong people, Cina
  • Paolo Ronc – Afar local people, Ethiopia
  • Mathias Spaliviero – Tucano local people, Brazil


The photo competition is open for amateurs and professional alike within the categories of guardians, community and it’s survival. It is aimed to celebrate photography as an effective media to raise awareness regarding indigenous people and tribes.

The panel of jury include the Director of Survival International, Stephen Corry, the Coordinator of Survival Int. for Italy Francesca Casella, Co-founder of The Little Black Gallery, Ghislain Pascal, and Max Hougthon, the senior lecturer of Photography in the London College of Communication.

Stephen Corry, the Director of Survival Int, said that “a strong photo has always been at the heart of our fight for the rights of the indigenous people. We are happy that we have so many strong photos this year, and we hope that these photos can help raise the energy of the community to support our cause.”


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