The Golden Talents of Papuan Artists

Papua is famous for its beautiful nature and distinctive culture. Not only that, the talents of its people is also known in the art and music industry of Indonesia. In an article of a Papuan community website, there are at least several famous Papuan artists. These Papuan artists, among others are well known for their talents and passion for their chosen arts. Whether it’s singing, acting, directing and producing art pieces. Some have even win awards and have shining achievements, nationally and internationally.

Edo Kondologit

This singer is synonymous with the image of Papua. When we think of a Papuan singer, his name would come up first. He is indeed closely connected and has become the icon of Papua. Edo’s golden voice in Jazz music genre is unquestionable.  It’s proven that, although his golden years has passed, he still exists in the music industry and he is still the pride and joy of the Papuan people.


papuan artist
Edi Kondologit (Photo courtesy of


Ari Sihasale

Edi is not the only one with the golden voice. We also have Ari Sihasale, a Papuan born man who is also successful in the capital city. He was active in Cool Colours (a celebrity vocal group), although later on he has decided to focus on being an actor. Then he expands his career as a producer who makes movies about Papua, such as Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan (Denias, Ballads Among The Clouds) which has become some of Indonesia’s best movies.


Papuan artist
Ari Sihasale (Photo courtesy of


Michael Jakarimilena

Michael Jakarimilena who is more well known as Michael Ido, is a Papuan native with a golden voice. His work as a singer was started to be acknowledged when he became a talent in a singing competition, the first generation of Indonesian Idol. In the acting world, Michael is known to have played in Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan, produced by Ari Sihasale, another artist with Papuan roots.

Currently, this man who came from Jayapura, Papua, born in 13 of July 1983, is busy singing and teaching Indonesian culture in various schools in Australia. Along with several Indonesian artists, he’s now following a program from Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) with the goal to strengthen the relationship between Australia and Indonesia.



papuan artist
Michael Jakarimilena (Photo courtesy of

Evan Sanders

Who doesn’t recognize the handsome face of Evan Sanders? The man with the birth name of Stevanus Alexander is born in Biak, Papua. He then becomes famous as a Video Jockey (VJ), singer—sang a duet with Melly Goeslaw, and plays in movies and TV series in Indonesia.


papuan artist
Evan Sanders (Photo courtesy of

Albert Fakdawer

His golden voice soared high when he competed in a TV junior talent show in 2004. He succeeded to win second price in that competition, AFI Junior 2004. Not only did he succeed as a child singer, Albert is also involved in the making of Denias, Senandung di atas Awan. For his acting skill, he was awarded as the best lead actor. In a prestigious competition of Indonesia Movie Awards 2007, he also won the same award. This is such a big achievement for him which also makes Papua proud.


papuan artist
Albert Fakdawer (Photo courtesy of


Dorkas Waroy

Her name is not too well known in the national music industry, but there’s no doubt that this Papuan born lady has a beautiful voice. There’s not much documentation about Dorkas, however she has a single produced by Nagaswara.


papuan artist
Dorkas Waroy (Photo courtesy of


Nowela Elizabeth Auparay

She is famous after she won first place in Indonesia Idol 2014. She was born in Wamena, 19 December 1987. Her voice is deemed so beautiful that one of the judge in Indonesia Idol called it the uranium voice. Nowela has also been featured in as a great talent of Papua.


papuan artists
Nowela Elizabeth Auparay (Photo courtesy of


Papua has an abundant potentials of Papua. Whether the human resources, the beautiful nature, the culture, and also its talented people with their golden voices. It would be such a great endorsement if the government develops these talents. That is also the hope of the Papuan people, which will be greeted with open arms.


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