The Papuan Humanists Who Envision the Future of Papua

Papua is on the right track for rapid development and economic growth. Through the government plans in developments and the great synergy between central government and the local government, the progress in Papua has skyrocketed. This development can even go much further with the support of the Papuan people to create a better Papua. The synergy between the Government and the Papuan people are important to the future of Papua. These words ring true to these seven humanists who have great dreams for the future of Papua.

Therefore, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Indonesia have created a workshop with the title of “Exploring the Potentials of Papua for the South to South Cooperation.” In this workshop, they invited seven humanists and traditional figures from Papua. The aim of this workshop is to share ideas for the future development of Papua and inspire other Papuan people.

the future of Papua
Famous Figures from Papua Invited by Government for Helping the Development in There. Via

One of the famous figures from Papua that has been invited is an artist who is also a pioneer of the Papuan batik, Jimmy Hendrick Affar. During this event, he said “It’s never too late to develop Papua.” Jimmy who started his business since 2007, has already supported 17 batik artist groups in Jayapura. Besides him, there are also other businessperson that was invited in the workshop. The invitee was Merry Dogopia, a Noken knitter and also the chief of Women Noken knitter community. Similar to Jimmy, Merry’s business is also about the traditional art of Papuan heritage. Her business is now more developed. Currently, she has already developed and established around 7 groups of women Noken knitter.

Besides the two businessperson in the above, other famous figures from Papua were also invited. One invitee is Chef Charles Toto. Charles who is nicknamed as Jungle Chef Papua, uses the ingredients from the forest in Papua to cook Papuan culinary. He does that to promote the culinary from Papua, in order to preserve the Papuan heritage.

Another famous figure from Papua who was invited is a famous writer, Igir Al-Qatiri whose nickname is Khalil Gibran from Papua. He is known as someone who fights for the rights of the Papuan people through his literature. Though his novels, prose, and poetry, he portrays the lives of the Papuan people. There was also a famous Papuan photographer among the invitees, who is also the founder of photography community “Loor”, Gerd Maury. As a photographer, he wants to immortalize the beautiful nature of Papua, so that the future generations of Papua can enjoy it.

Other famous figures from Papua that were invited are the founder and the Head of the club of Papuan Nature Lovers, Marshall Suebu, the other is the Coordinator of a Non-Profit Organization, Earth Friend, Maikel Kondolit.

Marshall Suebu actively teaches the Papuan children to love the nature and stay away from drugs, alcohol, and other forms of substance abuse. Maikel Kondolit, in the other hand teach the Papuan children in remote places to read and learn English.

The government hopes that by creating this workshop, they will get a new idea for the development in Papua. They also hope that by inviting these famous figures from Papua, other Papuan people will be inspired and will follow their footstep to success.


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