Trans Papua Road: the Long awaited gift for the Papuans

Papua, in many ways, has always been the long wait. One of which is on the matter of transportation infrastructure. With an area of around 421,981 square kilometers, Papua certainly require a lot of adequate transportation infrastructure. Moreover, as one of the largest islands in Indonesia after Kalimantan, with the topography consisting of hills, mountains, and big rivers, Papua have apparent difficulties in terms of transportation, especially overland.

The sky of Papua has also often ‘bled’ because of the many airplane crashes, and in many cases, into the deep jungle with extreme weather in Papua. On top of the expensive transportation costs, flying to Papua is also risky. In fact, as the island which is internationally popular with the charm of its nature, it has the same development funds as in Java. So, why does it take so long for Papua to achieve urbanization? The emergence of natural resources and human rights issues become the reasons, as well as the Java-centric, religion, ethnicity, and race issue.

trans papua road
Construction of Trans Papua Road. Via


Today, the transportation issue is slowly improved. In the Jokowi-JK regime, the central government has synergized with the local government to build a massive Trans Papua road. This long-term program has begun to be taken seriously in the past year, with the target of completion by 2018. According to the data reported in, the road will be built around 4,325 kilometers in distance and will open up remote areas in Papua, such as Wamena and Puncak Jaya, which is known to be hard to reach.

This project is running under The Ministry of Public Works, led by Basuki Hadimuljono. In addition, quoted from, The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) states that Trans Papua road is now 85 % connected. Out of the total length of 4,325 kilometers, the connected road has reached 3,667 kilometers. During 2015, the Ministry of PUPR has opened around 169 kilometers of new paths. Therefore, the remaining roads to connect are 658 kilometers.

The Trans Papua-related developments are still running, as it will be the gateway for other transportation hubs, such as airports, ports, and sea toll. As the road opened, transportation infrastructure in Papua will be able to facilitate the community to run a business, access in education, and get better social relations among fellow citizens of different regions. Another important point of this development is making the community of rural areas in Indonesia to get better infrastructure and developing all corners of Indonesia.


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