Welcoming Trans Papua

Major developments that are being carried out by the Jokowi government in eastern Indonesia such as Trans Papua, runs well. Currently, 800.58 km has been completed from the 1,105.8 km total span of Trans Papua Road.

trans papua
Trans Papua Road. Via transport-supplychain-logistics.co.id

Despite the shooting incidents of the staffs and burning incidents of heavy equipments for road construction in Ilaga, Wamena, Papua, the development keeps running well. President Jokowi stresses that the incident will not hold back his board to complete the infrastructure development all over papua, such as the Papua’s borders and remote areas. From the total of 800.58 km Trans-Border Road, 661.43 km had been completed, paved with asphalt, and the rest 139.24 km is in the stage of structural elevation of aggregate construction with coarse asphalt. Some roads are still dirt road but has already on the base pavement stage.

The development of Trans-Border Road in Papua is divided in to 3 groupings of development. First, is the Jayapura-Abepura-Arso-Waris-Yeti route with the span of 133.44 km. Already fully completed and paved.

Currently, the work is focusing on opening roads that are still not connected in the span of 304.5 km because it is still covered with jungles.

Besides the Trans-Border Road, currently in Papua and West Papua provinces, Trans Papua Road is being constructed. It will connect various regions in Papua that do not have land acces and can only be reached through air transportation.

The main challenge of road construction in this area is the geographic condition that is in majority covered with jungles, and also because of its hilly land contour.

The work is expected to be completed in 2019. Hopefully, it will soon bring benefits to the Papuan people.


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