The West Papua Train Will Help The Economic Growth

Train and railway has a long history of development and it’s no exception with West Papua. Many big cities have emerged from the development of railway. Now, the long awaited railway can now be realized with the development of Trans Papua master plan. It will improve the accessibility in West Papua for all sides of economic and well being. With West Papua Train network development underway, resources would be easier and cheaper to distribute. West Papua will soon have its rite of passage in rapid development.

This is a grand project for West Papuan people. The feasibility study alone costs 6 billion IDR. The Detail Engineering Detail (DED) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be conducted after the feasibility study is completed. MoT is targeting the construction of Papua railway to start in September or October of 2016.With extensive research and planning, the Trans Papua railway is expected to run smoothly and trouble free amidst the challenging nature of West Papua.


President Joko Widodo (second from the left) accompanied with the Governor of South Sulawesi, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (right), Director General of Railway, Representative of the Ministry of Transportation, Hermanto Dwiatmoko (second on the right). Via

Trans Papua railway itself is a part of the 29 transportation infrastructure projects for land, sea, air and railways that will be conducted in 2016 by the Ministry of Transportation (MoT). The Trans Papua Railway itself will have five projects. The rail network development projects will be divided into two tracks and each track has the span of 75 km. MoT is targeting the construction of Papua railway to start in September or October of 2016, and it will be funded entirely by MoT’s budget.

The West Papua Train will be constructed from Sorong to Manokwari, between Jayapura and Sarmi. The end goal would connect the railway to the ports and airport. It will serve more as a freight train rather than for passengers. However, it is possible to operate it as a passenger train when there’s a surge of passenger’s demand.

The development of Trans Papua Railway is initiated by the commitment of President Joko Widodo to build economic strength and give back the potentials of West Papua to the Papuans. He once conveyed his appreciation to the Papuan people and has given them promise of a better access for West Papua. This project is expected to be one of the foundations of strong growth for West Papua.Hopefully, this project can give the full benefits for West Papua and increase the welfare of its people.


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