What You Need To Know About ULMWP

ULMWP (United Liberation Movements For West Papua) has long been a questionable group which has spurted out from the in-credulousness of a small number of people. Not many information can be confirmed of its truthfulness, considering the nature of its movements. So what is ULMWP? Where does it come from? Why was it established? So many questions. Lets continue on shall we?

ULMWP was established in Vanuatu since 2014. They demand the separation of West Papua from The Republic of Indonesia, to become a new country. The argument of this movement is 52 years of neglection from the central government, which according to ULMWP is Indonesia.  They also highlight several violences occurred in Papua. The violations being brought up are usually repeated footage of events which occurred in the past.

ULMWP comprised from several groups with the same objectives. The three key groups under ULMWP are Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB); National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL), National Parliament of West Papua (NPWP).

Currently ULMWP is lead by Octavianus Mote as the Secretary General. The rest are executive members which are Benny Wenda as the ULMWP International Spokesman, and three other elected executive members which are Jacob Rumbiak, Rex Rumakiek, and Leonie Tangahma.

To gain international recognition over West Papua liberation, they carry out diplomacy in various international forums. Since 2014, their diplomacy was no longer about the civilians in West Papua, but leading towards the establishment of West Papua as a country.

ULMWP had applied for membership to Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) during the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) summit at Honoira, Solomon Island. They enlisted themselves to MSG to be a new member. They based the application on Papua’s Melanesian descendants. Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) itself is an intergovernmental organization among Melanesian countries with the objectives to improve and promote the economy of its member countries.

Indonesia is a sovereign country. In accordance with Self Determination/Jus Cogens rule, Indonesia has the right to protect its citizens and choose the best policy for its governance. This rule is binding in the international community, and recognized by, for example the United Nations. It states that nations, based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity, have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political Status with no interference.

The sovereignty of a country prevents the intervention from other countries/parties. Hence, in accordance with this rule, ULMWP movement which promotes the separation of Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia, by any definition of the International Law, is a separatist group in a sovereign country. Separatism itself is an act condemned by the international community because it can cause unwanted disturbances to the much needed governance of a country.

what is ULMWP
What is ULMWP?


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